Apr 26, 2016

Question Number THREE

Below is my contribution to JoAnn's ZINE project. 

A few days ago  I got an email from my niece, JoAnn, asking if I would contribute to one of her class projects, she is working to produce a ZINE.  I had the choice to answer one of three questions. I selected question #3. 

What makes you feel your body is yours ? 

Below is a screen shot of my submission titled, MY SALT.   

I completed this on Sunday, two days after I had attended Stephan Els Memorial Service. I remember coming home from the service, it was about a 10 minute drive and I cried the entire time.  

I was sad for so many reasons, much of the sadness gathered and collected in my body during the very emotional and touching tributes and stories shared at the service by Stephan's family and dear, dear, friends. I did not want to cry in the church sanctuary; I took deep breaths and held onto the sadness for quite some time. 

When I pondered this question only two things came immediately to mind: my tears and my breathing, one a vital function for living and tears a core manifestation of who I am.  I am one of those people that cries. 

I researched tears and there are many fascinating articles, studies, medical papers on all things related to tears.  Not to mention the psychology and emotional aspect of tears. 

I had no idea I even had lacrimal glands, one in each eye. Someone asked about the two rotary phones in the piece, my attempt to add room for interpretation, why are the phones there ?