Apr 30, 2016

From the Allium Family

L E E K    S O U P 

Leek Soup is made of basic ingredients, leeks, potatoes, onions, half and half cream and chicken stock. Or at least that is the recipe of my brother, Carlos.

I don't know much about leeks, I know that this soup, which I had as recent as last Saturday, is one of the best soups I've ever tasted, ever in my entire life. 

It's hard to describe the taste: delicate, simple, sophisticated and sure of itself. The color is honest, there is no need for interpretation, if you know leeks, you know the hue of green offered by this simple vegetable. 

The soup does not pretend to be anything other than what it is, leeks and potatoes and cream.  And of course the piece de resistance ingredient, homemade chicken stock.  

I know there is a Vitamixer involved to architect the texture, it's a perfect balance of solid and liquid; spoons of light green velvet, liquid velvet is what is consumed.  

There is a peppery taste, a perfect hint of onion, balanced with the fraternity of potatoes and the smooth buttery influence of the cream. The taste buds are alarmed and calmed all at the same time, the flavors are there, subtle yet stoic. 

The soup is poetry. A simple dish, capturing the essence of so much, earth, sun, nature, water, akin to stove top chemistry. 

I love the taste of onions, any kind of onion, especially shallots. I am a huge fan of garlic and leeks are certainly cousins. They are all in the Allium vegetable family. And according to all the articles I read, leeks are very healthy.  I don't know if there are variations of leeks, I will check at the Buford Farmers Market next time I visit. 

This soup I imagine could take on a whole new personality if served in a fancy dish, a dish that highlights the simplicity of nature contained in the bowl, maybe a white porcelain dish with some depth. I would add a proper sterling silver "cream soup" spoon, chaperoned by a beige embroidered cloth napkin. It would then be FANCY LEEK SOUP for sure. 

My Granda Chichi would love this soup and also my DAD.  I don't know if it would taste even better on a cold winter day, I had it last Saturday, it was warm and I heated the soup as much as I could and it was OH SO delicious. 

Some of the recipes call for lemon juice, some add thyme and bay leaves. Carlos says he keeps his recipe simple and again the homemade chicken stock is the key. He makes the stock always a day ahead. 

Some recipes like this one, I don't want to learn how to make. The foods always taste better when prepared by someone else. 

Thank goodness for tupperware containers and for wonderful brothers who call and ask: