Apr 5, 2016


This is such a great story and what I love most about it, I know the cast, Sabrina Wilkerson and Kim Bazer. 

I'm sharing Facebooks posts from Sabrina's FB page, about a dog's NEW LIFE ! 

I worked with both Sabrina and Kim during my days at the Cox Customer Care Center in San Diego, the one on Copley Drive.  It's the story of one dog named, Tubby and the power of love ! ! ! 

Reprint from Sabrina's FB post:
I could barely sleep last night, I'm so excited. Today is the day...Tubby has no idea that his life is about to change forever!
I just went to give him a treat; that's the last time it'll be through a hole in a fence. The plan is for me to get him at 4:30. I want to spend a little time with him & hope to give him a bath. Kim should be here about 6:30 & I have no doubt that I'll be crying with joy to witness this special moment. 

In a nutshell, this is how it's all transpired:
When we moved into our home, I went to all of the neighbors & introduced our family. When I learned that Tubby lived outside, my heart sank. I've fallen in love with him through the fence ever since. He takes treats so gently and I just knew that he was a sweet boy. At one point early on, I did go over and ask to meet Tubby and I was right about him being a very special guy.
This past Thursday, I saw my neighbors in front of their house. I went over and expressed how much I love Tubby and mentioned that if they ever find themselves in a position where they might have to relinquish him to the shelter for whatever reason, to please let me know first.....that I have an awesome network of animal lovers and could help find him a wonderful home.
On Friday, I texted them and said that I'd love to take Tubby on a walk for my birthday & they were cool to let me do that. I took a bunch of cute pics & texted them. They could see how happy he was. Through the exchange, I got a sense that they were realizing that Tubby could live a better life with another family.
I took a chance and posted a FB plea first thing Saturday morning; the response was exactly what I was hoping for. When I knew that I had the perfect home lined up for him, I explained to them that Tubby has a new home just waiting for him if they're willing to let him go. And here we are!
After Kim Bazer & her new boy, Tubby, head to their happily ever after this evening, I'll post an update & pics. Thanks for all of your kind words of support & encouragement. You give me strength.  xo
Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever! smile emoticon



Reprint from Sabrina's FB post:

So, I have to admit....I'm a little obsessed with Tubby. Poor Kim! I've been bugging her all day for updates. smile emoticon

Here it is - ‘Today, Tubby woke up to the first day of the rest of his life. And somehow, I think he knew. If a dog could ever express gratitude, it was this morning when he first looked up at me with those big brown eyes that simply said - thank you. 

No more concrete, no more cold, lonely nights and no more poking his nose through the fence in the hopes of getting someone to pay attention to him. He is home now!

Despite the life he has lived, he is wonderful and so kind. He and I are going to be total pals. And he will love the barn and all the adventures that will find him there. Just going to pace his activity and expose him to things little by little. Start with walks and maybe take him to barn later this week.'
Tubby is wagging his tail & following her all around the house. He loves his toys & is getting good exercise fetching them. They went on a walk around the lake this afternoon & it pooped him out. She's promised to chronicle his adventures so we can all continue to follow his journey. He's got a vet appt on Wed. Looking forward to a healthy report.
Tubby will always hold a super special place in my heart. I'm so grateful that he's part of my family now with Kimmy. 

Tubby, first day of his new FREE LIFE 

One happy pup !