Apr 1, 2016

Ah .... Friday

I've spent about 4 hours today working on a story/photo book project, importing text into the Shutterfly photo book software.  The process is tedious and I have to remember to SAVE.  

My wonderful loyal companions, Cody, Bruno, Maddie and Morgan, all sleeping most of the day. 

It’s been quiet and grey, the lake mostly still and mighty chocolate. Last night we had 2+ hours of heavy downpour with thunder, lightening and strong winds.  The pups were not happy, especially Maddie, she doesn't like any kind of loud noises. 

Cody - The Senior Dog - he is 15 years old 

Bruno, very camera shy 

Maddie with her toys 

Morgan ready for her dinner 

I recalled today that this same lake was my host and companion when I worked on my MFA Thesis. I came to Lake Oconee for 5 days in January of 2006 to work on the outline and review the drafts of a collection of poems, THE HOUSE OF SATURDAYS, part of my thesis work for the Creative Writing MFA program I completed at Queens University in Charlotte, NC.

I remember the days were long, quiet and I was so happy to be here.  

It was a different house, also at the water’s edge, owned by Lew and Maggie Bellville.  My Thesis advisor recommended that I surround myself with objects and/or pictures that would support the creative endeavor. I had a black and white photograph of my Grandma Arosemena, blown up the size of blueprints and had it taped to the wall right next to the table where I worked everyday.  That same photo, in an 8 X 10 size is taped to the door of the room where my PC is at home. Grandma Chichi is always close by.

I remember writing a poem about being at the lake. It was written on a PC prior to my iMac, so I don’t have it saved on my hard drive.  I wish I did, I would post it today. I remember the first line…

The lake wakes chocolate, a penchant for solitude fills the day...

I wish I could remember my poems, I've wished many times that they were all in a repository in my brain that I could recall on queue, it’s not the case.  I'm good with dates, I can recall most dates for all major and significant occasions in my life, but not lyrics of favorite songs, quotes and for sure not any of my poems. 

Tomorrow the forecast is for sun and low 70*s - the personality of the day, I'm sure markedly different from today. And it's Saturday, I'm sure we will have some boat traffic out on the water.  

Will see !