Mar 27, 2016

Sketchers @ Church

This was me yesterday at Easter Service at 10am on Saturday.  My tried and true Sketchers, my "retirement" shoes as I call them. And blue, my favorite color. 

In the span of about 25 minutes, hundreds of people passed close to me, headed down the stairs into the main area of the sanctuary at Victory Church in Norcross.  During that time I got fixated on the shoes, the steps, the differences in the peoples, the gender, the ages, the pace, the youth, the beards, the accessories, the shoes. Some thought it was spring, some woke up and imagined winter. The open toe shoes were a majority, followed by lots of fancy sneakers, boots, and yes even high heels, high high heels. The shoes certainly a representation of the congregation, the people, the community, the world at large.  

I was reminded in a quiet way that indeed we are all different.  

Indeed everyone has their walk in life, their journey or lack thereof and certainly that this time and place we have on earth is measured, counted, finite.  

I was quiet and somber, yet filled with assurance in my heart that good is possible, that PEACE is not a buzz word and that GOD and family and friendship are part of who I am.

by Atlanta Artist, Steve Penley