Mar 30, 2016

Not sure how this works - POLLEN



I've lived in Atlanta since 1999 and only twice have I experienced significant allergy reactions to pollen season, about 7 years ago and NOW.  And I mean significant that you can't function. 

Not sure if you've ever had this happen, try sneezing about 150 times in an 8 hour period, or sneezing 6 consecutive times and I mean the kind of sneezing like your head is going to fall off.  And my eyes feel like they have pins in them. 


Maddie, (bless her heart) every time I start my sneezing routine, she knows.  

She looks at me wide eyed, she anticipates the sneeze and she barks right along with my sneezing, like she's trying to protect me from myself.  One year, Morgan reacted to the pollen, she started sneezing like crazy, that was long ago and she got help with medications.  

I'm taking medication, I started too late and its takes a few days to kick in. 

Tomorrow and Friday we're having FLOOD WARNING type of rain, big thunder boomers are coming through and I am thrilled. Two days of pollen reprieve.  I read today that after the rain, the pollen count is usually worse especially if the rain is followed by a warmer, sunny days. I guess the rain effect intensifies the growing and the pollen magnifies. 

Certainly spring in Atlanta is beautiful, flowers are blooming everywhere and there are tulips galore. Every article I've read says the pollen should be over in May, so a few more weeks.  YIKES ! 

I still can't figure out why most years I've not been affected and times like now, its like a sneezing tsunami. I will be glad when it's all over.