Feb 16, 2016

Tuesday is for Thank You

Whew..... January 19th was my last post and now it's February.  

YIKES,  27 days without writing a VIP post, well not quite. Certainly in those 27 days I've written letters, certainly I've written copious amounts of emails and does the grocery list count? 

One day I'll explain in complete sentences why the pen goes dark, why the blank pages wait with patience for the writer in my head and heart to come back.  It's simple and complicated. It's black and white and red and blue.   

It's about reservation and fear and wanting every post to be properly cared for. In many ways, tiny and grand and in between, I want the words, the stories, the perspectives, the photographs, I want it all to make sense and to be rooted in value and connection to the heart.  

I want a connection for my heart and the hearts that visit VIP or invite the words of VIP into their lives, their morning routines, their afternoon breaks, their quiet Saturdays........ Let me get back to the post for today. 

Today via Tuesday is for Thank You I am delighted to share the story of 

Ellie Phenix.  I don't know Ellie personally, I know her Mom, Joy.  

For the past 4 years Ellie has celebrated her birthday by raising awareness and  funds for CharityWater.org. Yesterday when I got the update via her Mom's blog, I was thrilled for Ellie and even more thrilled for all the people that benefit from Ellie's focus on the issue of clean water and its scarcity around the world.  

How encouraging and wonderful that in this crazy world, in this world of hurried headlines, and many times blurred wisdom and truth, that Ellie contributes with her water celebration. 

Thank you Ellie for caring about water and for all the people that will benefit from your care and focus. 

Most important, thank you Ellie for your recognition and reminder that we can all be kind, generous, compassionate.  We can all make a difference in so many ways, tiny and grand and in between. 

To check out Ellie's Charity Water Page you can click on the link below.