Feb 17, 2016

Stories, Family History & The Dog

From Left to Right, 
Ricardo, Rogelio I and Rogelio II

Uncle Ricardo, Grandpa Rogelio &  my Dad 

A few months ago, my nephew, Juan Carlos, called from Panama, no he actually texted me via WhatsApp, he wanted to know if by chance I had the details on when my Dad attended Georgetown University in Washington, D. C.  

I knew immediately that Juan Carlos was completing his admissions application for Georgetown and he was most likely documenting if anyone in the family had attended the university   I told him that yes indeed I had the information and a few minutes later I sent him the dates.  

I knew I could answer his question because I had the information readily available in my filing cabinet in a folder I inherited from my DAD, the folder labeled, CURRICULUM VITAE, DR. AROSEMENA. The folder yellowed, worn, the staples rusted and dull. This folder made it's way from the early 70's in my Dad's office in Barstow, to the 2 drawer filing cabinet I set up for him when he moved to Panama in 1995,  back to its present home, my filing cabinet in Atlanta, GA. 

I know the DYMO label well. My Dad appreciated order and Joani Craig and Barbara Whitson, the awesome ladies that ran his office for 25 years in Barstow, made the folders with the DYMO label maker.  I remember the filing cabinets at 307 E. Buena Vista, Joani and Barbara the guardians and keepers of all the patient information and all my DAD's records, files, business and personal.  

And a great big thank you for record keeping and for details and history. I have a copy of my Dad's CV, typed on thick resume type paper and several copies. The resume has all the information regarding his education, his medical internships and residencies, the papers he published, the associations he was a member of, all that type of information is documented. 

Fast forward a few months and now it's February 2016. If my DAD were alive today, he would celebrate his 90th Birthday on February 24th.  I decided that this milestone anniversary of his birth date should be recognized with a tribute, with a celebration, with a life story movie that can be shared that with my siblings, with JoAnn Catherine and Rogelio IV, my DAD's grandchildren and all the members of my Uncle Ricardo's family.  

For 3 weeks I've been working on the movie, I am using the Apple software, iMovie and many many photos of my DAD's life, especially those from his childhood that have been in boxes, in plastic bins, in folders in the filing cabinet. Now they are all coming to light and will be shared, like the one at the beginning of this update.  

I don't remember many photos of my DAD as a child - and especially photos of my DAD with a family dog.  In my research and discovery, I found two pictures with the same dog. Now I'm on the trail to document the dog's name. Thank goodness, my Dad's brother, Uncle Ricardo is alive and via emails and text with my cousin, Danny, I hope to confirm the information. 

Over the course of all my visits and stories shared by Grandma Chichi, she did recall many times how much she loved dogs and that when Papi and Dicky were young, she used to raise dogs or breed them to make money.  It's interesting, I don't remember my DAD sharing stories about having dogs when he was a young boy.  Maybe Ana or Roger or Carlos or Tobias remember. 

Making the movie with the Apple software is not difficult. The challenge is time and patience. Making the movie requires importing each photo and editing each one with the KEN BURNS effect, (panning in and out) in addition to the color adjustments and the length of time the photo is displayed in the movie. In addition I have to account for the transitions between the photos and any titles or documenation. 

Again none of this is difficult, it just takes time and more time and great attention to detail. For every minute of the movie, when its all said and done, I've probably spent 3 to 4 hours per each minute, so a total of 40 to 60 hours to produce the final cut.  

The editing is compounded when you add music and/or voice overs. And this movie tribute has both.  I also had to take photos of many of the old photos to be able to import into the iMovie software.  My DAD photographed much of his life events, birth of children, birthdays, family vacations, celebrations, etc. so I had lots of photos to work with. Its the old old paper photos that I've enjoyed working with the most.  They are indeed treasures and I'm happy to share them. 

I will have the movie completed by 2/24 so I can share via my YOUTUBE account.  I will post the link on VIP for sure. And if I find out the name of the dog, I will also post. 

Juan Carlos was accepted and will be attending the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Congrats !