Feb 27, 2016

Saturday, Sun and Sixty Degrees

I love to wake up to a sunny Saturday morning especially when the temperatures are forecast to be 60* degrees. Ah ! Ah ! 

Maddie and Morgan will get to walk at Brook Run Park, they're looking forward to the outing. Daylight savings is 3 weekends away, I look forward to this time of year.  And spring in Atlanta, flowers everywhere. And yes there is pollen, but we won't go there.

I've gotten great feedback on my Dad's Birthday Tribute video. 

Thanks to all who sent emails and texts. I'm looking forward to working on a similar format video for my Mom's 90th birthday.  By then I'll have figured out the licensing requirement for posting videos with copyrighted songs on Youtube and Vimeo. I know there has to be a way.  

I have plans to sort through and archive all the family photos I have, all the documents, diplomas, letters, certificates, newspaper clippings, etc. both from my MOM and DAD.  I will post all records digitally to a cloud account with Dropbox. All the records will be available to JoAnn and Rogelio IV, my contribution to the future generations of our family.  

I need some help, perhaps a recommendation, maybe you know someone who knows someone.  I want to research and document the information related to the passenger ship that my parents along with Ana and Roger took to get from New York to Panama in June of 1957. 

I need to find historical records for passenger ships, for that particular part of the world, for the New York to Panama route.  I started the research last year, I did not get far. I was able to find brochures for cruise ship type travel in the late 50's, but I never found a registry for passenger records, port records, etc.  

I got a recommendation to check with Ancestry.com. My cousin, Raul Arosemena works for the Panama Canal Commission, there must be a historian on staff that could perhaps point me in the right direction.  If you have any suggestion, ideas, send my way @ elena1025@comcast.net. 

Soon after they arrived in Panama, my Mom wrote a wonderful letter to her Mom in Iowa about the trip, she included details about the ship, their cabins on the ship,  the weather, their arrival at the Port of Colon in Panama. In her letter she did not include any information about the ship, the shipping company, etc. I'm on a quest. I will provide updates. 

I was going to include one more update in this post and I can't remember what it is.  HMMMMMM, sometimes I go way too fast and many times I'm thinking and doing too many things at the same time.  I know as soon as hit the publish button, I will remember.