Feb 20, 2016

At the Water's Edge

" For whatever we lose (like you and me), 
It's always ourselves we find in the sea. "


I will keep the sea, ocean theme going for one more update. Attached are photos of a collection of shells I gathered a few weeks ago when I visited Panama City Beach in Florida. 

I love shells and I love the possibilities of their beauty. I love walking along the water's edge and appreciating and recognizing each one for its unique and different characteristics. 

As I walked I imagined the journey each shell managed to get to the very spot it rested on the white sands of PCB. Some shells were perfect, not many. Most had cracks or pieces missing, all were worn. They seemed to have lived lifetimes and now they were resting on the gulf coast of Florida.  

I gathered each one, always thinking ahead that they'll be a collection, a group, a gathering. Somehow I know they will compliment each other, it always works out.  I added some driftwood to the collection, a piece of a palm and I did run across one piece of smooth glass.


I gathered the shells on Thursday and took them back to the house where I was staying. I washed them, studied them and planned to return them to the water's edge the next morning. 

On Friday I went back to the beach, early in the morning. I found a section of the beach with few tracks of footsteps and arranged the group. I photographed them and then walked away, giving them back to the sea.  Because the seas and winds were calm for two days, the shell gathering stood almost intanct for two days, Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday there were 30 MPH winds and the seas were rough, the waves crashing fast and furious on the shore. That day I walked the beach, (me and one other person). It was very very windy and cold, I had to see how the shell gathering  fared.  While they were still in a group setting, the shells had been swept and scattered about by the seas. 

The last day I walked on the beach, I found a tiny, perfect shell, the hues of orange and salmon, the colors light and delicate. Certainly a gift from the sea !