Jan 13, 2016


For the record, if my numbers are drawn in the Powerball Lottery later this evening, this is my plan of action. 

Call my siblings immediately.

Make a plan to be incognito, "lottery winner protection program" incognito.

Wait until item B is far along, well established, confirmed, consulted, 
before I claim the winning ticket.

Start making lists of who to share the proceeds with: family, relatives, friends, co-workers from my working history, neighbors. 
I would ask all on the list to make their own list, 
in order to extend the sharing.

The list would also include Veteran’s organizations, churches, 
missionaries, museums, schools, hospitals, shelters, 
NGO’s and non-profits. Somewhere in the mix
there would be scholarships. 

The list would include all the children and families/caretakers of the students of Mawuvio’s in Ghana. In addition, the teachers, staff and the friends of MOP.  

The list would include Yolanda, my favorite checker at the Buford Farmers Market and Lem Lem, from my days at the Cox C-Tech Building.  And Norma.  Also the family that owns the liquor store on Shallowford Road where I usually buy my tickets.  And Jerry.

Somewhere in all the immediate planning I would hire a CPA and financial planner to help with all the questions, concerns and tax implications regarding the monetary gifts. I know exactly who I would call. 

Not sure if the credit union where I bank can handle a deposit of ½ a billion dollars.  I would ask the CPA to research.

I would plan a trip or two or three.

I would love to rent a big motorhome, (with a driver) and go sight seeing and camping for a few weeks.  Maybe that would be part of my lottery 
protection "incognito" program.

Not sure I would buy anything fancy, like a car or boat.  
Maybe one day I could rent a vintage Jaguar for a bit. 
Perhaps my only near term purchase: 
a bigger house in a rural setting with a proper yard 
so I could have a pack of Corgi’s, 5 Corgi’s.

I would find a company to help me acquire billboard space 
all over the country. 

I would work with artists and writers and pastors to post quotes, poetry, questions, answers and affirmations; messaging reminders 
that good is possible, 
that faith is real and that angels walk amongst us.

While it would be crazy insane to win that much money, 
certainly the opportunities to make the world a tiny bit better 
is a challenge I would welcome.