Jan 8, 2016


I posted this two years ago in January of 2014 - for Morgan's birthday.  

Two years later I love her more everyday and I continue to learn and re-learn  all the important dog and human life lessons she brings to everything she does with her larger than life 24 pounds.  

Morgan is stubborn, protective, extremely aware of her surroundings. At the same time she loves to rest and restore her energy. Today she is 11. Her hints of grey over her eyes are no longer hints. As she tells me, she is now a mature and ever so elegant Corgi Girl ! ! !  

Do what you love everyday
Morgan loves to play ball, she loves to have her tummy rubbed ever so gently and she loves to watch TV.  And yes she gets to do these things everyday, especially playing ball. 

Morgan chasing down a tennis ball 

You don't have to be friends with every dog- AMEN TO THAT 
Morgan is very particular about who she wants to be friends with. She has her favorites and she also has her not so favorites. A few months ago, two  miniature pincher dogs tried to stake their place in the neighborhood and Morgan said ... NOT ON MY TURF, you don't.  That day we had a little encounter, Morgan got snarky with the two dogs and it was not pretty.  Thankfully no one got hurt, but for 2 or 3 minutes it was very scary and yes we apologized. 

Morgan, Maddie, Wesley, Dutch, Cody and Jake 

Big Sisters are Awesome
While Maddie and Morgan are not from the same litter, they are sisters.  Morgan is 9 months older than Maddie, and she has always been a wonderful big sister, always watching out for Maddie and especially the first few months they were together.  Morgan taught Maddie how to get along and be part of the pack. Sometimes Morgan was a bit too eager to teach; lessons were learned by all. 

Morgan teaching Maddie how to navigate the brick wall 

It's  OK to be a TOMGIRL
Morgan can be all boy, many people after they watch her play ball will refer to her a "Buddy" and ask if she is male Corgi.  She has a rough and tough side, at the same time she can also "Bring Sexy Back".   

Diva Diva Diva 

Naps are important
Enough said, Morgan loves her naps. When you see her sleeping, you can tell she is enjoying every minute and breath of her nap time.  I love to watch her eyes when she sleeps, she holds them tightly shut, as if not wanting to let in any distractions.

Morgan Sofia enjoying rest 

Hobbies are very important
Morgan loves to sing. She loves to practice, we have a routine. One day I am going to film her and share with all. When she really sings, you can see the joy in her eyes.  The softer side of Morgan enjoys the singing - she lets her guard down and takes deep breaths and the sweet songs flow out or her little body.  

Don't mess with my food
Yes Morgan loves to eat and yes she is a tiny bit "food aggressive".  I know just how she feels.  There are many times when I dont want to share my fries or my ice cream or a bite of a cookie. Morgan is the same way. She loves to eat and 2 or 3 times over the course of 9 years, the scuffles between her and Maddie have been about food. Maddie has learned over time that she can inspect Morgan's food bowl, only after Morgan has walked 2 or 3 feet away from it and is truly done eating.

Drinks lots of water
Morgan loves to drink water.  The sounds she makes when she is at the water bowl drinking are pure joy and satisfaction. 

Ahhhh  Water 

Sometimes the best comfort is silence
Morgan over the years has been with me in times of sadness or when I've had a good cry.  She is always right there, quiet, close by, her eyes looking right at me, not saying a word, not barking, yet telling me profoundly that  she loves me, that the world will be OK, and that whatever the pain, hurt, sadness or emotion, she is right there with me,  24 lbs of unconditional Corgi love. During the few times that I've been home sick in bed, both Morgan and Maddie are by my side the entire time, the love from both of the girls is a gift everyday.

Happy Birthday 

Everyday is a Morgan Day 
Morgan has been part of my life for 11 ears; if you do the math, 4015 days.

There is a finite period of time that we all have on this earth, people, dogs, cats, butterflies, etc.  Morgan makes everyday count. Everyday when she plays ball, she thoroughly enjoys the play, everyday when she has cappuccino milk foam, she loves the taste and she loves the morning routine of being acknowledged and loved. Everyday she takes her naps and patiently waits for Cindy or I to come home.  Everyday she is the best dog she can be, loving, full of canine energy and zeal and purpose.  Morgan is in charge, she wants to know you so she can decide if she likes you, she wants to taste everything so she can decide if she wants you to share,  she wants to rest with you so you can have renewed energy to engage with her again.

Morgan Sofia - I love you !!!