Jan 15, 2016

Friday Poetry

Fig Harvest and Matters of Manchego

Where is Don Quijote when breakfast is served ?
The hot bread will soon get hard.
The cheese will change personalities if ignored.

·      Higos in Bilbao
·      Figs in Delaware
·      Figues in Provence

Figs, the universal fruit of saint and sinners
Everyone is welcome at Manchego communions.

The Lebanese fig, dark, sweet, perfectly pensive.
It’s dark candy hue brushed against a million ivory wedges.
The cheese knife slices thick, fingers begin to blister. 

The Manchego birth in Spain, the sweet milk of ewes.
I discover you in Panama.
I am a rat, cheese is my cover, the Lebanese fig keeps me honest.

The fig crop is two: the breba harvest first,
the second, a gathering for market.
In this Manchego world, even nature gets to practice.

Pleasantly disrobed in a glass container
the sweet dark jam begins the morning parade
Always the queen at Sunday Brunch, always. 

No miracles this Sunday, just copious olives,
making friends with vino tinto & vino blanco
the humidity swells the communion, linen handkerchiefs appear. 

It’s known by some that on the EIGHT day, 
God made Machengo
How else would the shepherds know ?

By Elena M. Arosemena