Dec 19, 2015

Mr. Boylan

Yesterday I had a good cry. 

The kind of cry that comes from deep within, from the gut, a cry nourished by molecules of oxygen traversing the chambers of the heart.  A cry that generates tears that are slow, thick, salty. Drops of emotions. 

Emotions that Maddie and Morgan attempt to console with canine kisses. The kind of cry that validates all the good in life. 

In the afternoon, about 4pm I went out and got the mail.  Five or six holiday cards in the box, I recognized all the return addresses, except one. It was a P.O. Box in Capistrano Beach, CA.  The card was addressed to E. Arosemena. 

When I opened and read the signature, I knew immediately; Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Kathy Boylan.  The last time I'd heard from them was in 2005.  

The greeting:

I thank your Father and his dedication to his medical profession 
and his efforts and skills in saving our son's life.   

We wish you the very best thoughts. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Tom & Kathy Boylan 

Long ago after my DAD moved to Panama, (1996) I met Mr. Boylan in person. 

At that time he was a customer of Cox Communications and I was working in the Cox San Juan Capistrano office.  Mr. Boylan called the office to discuss a recent rate increase that Cox had communicated to the customers, I took the call as an escalation.  As the call ended, I gave him my name so he could call me back and when I spelled out....... A R O S E M E N A... that is where the story began.

Ten minutes after we ended the call, Mr. Boylan was in the Cox San Juan office holding my hands and thanking me for the life of his son. Really he was thanking my Father for saving his son's life a few years back when he had been in a serious automobile accident outside of Barstow, as he and his friends drove to Las Vegas.  

Four young men where in a rollover accident, 3 died.  Mr. Boylan's son was the only one that survived. He was taken to the closest ER at Barstow Community Hospital. From the details I remember, he was stabilized by my DAD and the ER team in Barstow and subsequently flown to a larger hospital in Orange County for long term care.  

The card yesterday a reminder of gratitude and grace.  

It's been 10 years since I last had communicated with Mr. Boylan. When I first met him, Mr. Boylan told me that "every time he looks at his son, he thinks of my Father". 

My Dad loved his profession, he loved being able to help people, he was a great general surgeon, his favorite part of medicine, ER trauma. I know he touched many lives with his care and his dedication being the best doctor he knew how to be.  

I miss him so much, everyday. 

I miss him especially during the holidays. 

I missed him when I was in the Cardiologist office with Maddie a few days ago, he would have loved to know and follow her care, along with Morgan's. 

I miss his amazing and best ever backed beans. I miss going to his house in Panama and being one of his "children".  

I miss his phone calls, his funny emails and oh the faxes. He loved to fax messages and updates.  

I miss him so very very much.