Nov 20, 2015

What a Difference

What a difference a day makes, yesterday we had sun and sun and more sun.

Maddie and Morgan had their afternoon walks. Mommie E then went to Brook Run Park for her afternoon 2 mile walk.  It was wonderful, crisp, bright and my "usual suspects" walkers where there. One gentleman in particular that reminds me so much of my DAD, he was walking in the afternoon. We both greeted each other warmly. I almost stopped and interrupted his walk, one day I will. 

The walk yesterday in such contrast to my outing at the mall. The wind, the sun, the leaves, the children running, laughing, screaming in the playground area, it was all delightful. My extra tall shadow an interesting companion on most of the 2 mile trail. 

Yesterday I got updates from my niece JoAnn on all her cool and awesome art projects and installations that she is working on for her finals at Pratt. Several of them involve software applications and programs to create "interactive art".  I love talking to her about the details of her creative ideas, the path from idea to proposal (she has to write a proposal and get approval for all her final projects) to execution.  I'm always reminded of the Richard Hugo quote from The Triggering Town...... "Every act of imagination is an act of self acceptance."

In the creative process we give of ourselves and we also get of ourselves. The discovery of what we are capable of imagining, building, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, is one of my favorite parts of the creative process. The reservoir of possibility and potential within all of us, it's there. 

Today is Friday.  HORRAY ! 

Even in retirement mode, Friday holds a bit more excitement, possibility, energy. I'm getting the new ADELE album today and possibly going to the movies.  I promised Maddie and Morgan a long walk as the temps will be in the high 60*s by early afternoon. 

I also making my Thanksgiving grocery list. I always make a recipe of the best Mac & Cheese ever for a co-worker on Cindy's team. He has a young son, Tristen who loves Mac & Cheese, I am happy to share my love of this recipe. 
I'm headed to Florida on Thanksgiving Day, I am looking forward to the sun, sea, warmth and visiting dear friends.  

A special thanks to all who sent emails and text regarding the Grandma Chichi post on the 17th. It is always great to hear from you.