Nov 22, 2015

The Lego of Each Day

Yesterday I attended a funeral.  

A Catholic service for the Father of a dear friend. 

And while the occasion was certainly sad, the death of a loved husband, a wonderful father, a fun uncle, an amazing grandpa and dear friend to many, the service was about love and not loss. The service was about the harbor of joy and love and humor and kindness that Phil was to all. 

The day beautiful, a made to order fall Saturday, the blue sky adorned with enough clouds to remind everyone of the hurt, the pain, the loss. 

The church beautiful, large, open, tall windows inviting the light of day into everyone’s heart.  The deacon that lead the service on point, eloquent, heartfelt, funny, the balance of formal and informal: perfect.   

My 2nd set of eyes during the service doing everything possible to take in all the details, the emotions.  My mind closely monitoring and guarding the technicolor memories playing in a continual loop in my heart. 

During the closing song, Ave Maria, tears broke through.  

The tears serving as confirmation, as clear reminders that what we do everyday, how we handle ourselves, what we dream, aspire, what we share, teach, what we imagine, create, when we say yes, when we say no, our fears, our doubts, our triumphs, at the end of our lives it all adds up and it does REALLY MATTER. 

The lego of each day, the self invitation we accept every morning when we get out of bed, the moments, the appointments, the days at work, the days NOT at work, the times we do nothing, the rest, the naps, the times we try something new or old, the agreements to disagree, the hallmark moments when we welcome and purposely add LIGHT in our lives, in the end it does matter. 

We all have the capacity to touch and influence, the power to love, the energy to consider possibilities, to share and exemplify courtesy and decency, to know when much is too much and little is just right.

Our hearts and minds can marshal light in the world, not the world on a global scale, the world, one person at a time, one family at a time, one friend at a time, one worker at a time, one stranger at a time, one prayer at a time.

The service for Mr. Heise yesterday a gift to everyone that attended.  
His life, his love, his friendship, his spirit, it lives on in the hearts of many.