Oct 2, 2015

The last Day in Ghana ~

It is 6:50am, tomorrow by this time I should have cleared the first of many checks at the Kotota Airport in Ghana. Delta has a station to weigh the luggage before you get in line, if you clear the weight limit, then you go to the check in where they ask you all the security questions, all your documents are checked, it is much more through than when you board in US to come here. If you clear that step, then you get in line for the counter agent who issues the ticket and checks your bag. Then you go upstairs and go through the exit immigration process. After that you go to the security to get into the gate area and last there is an additional security check to get into the actual Delta gate area where you board the plane.

Since there is no jetway, when the plane boards, they open both the front and back of the plane, you go down a set of stairs out onto the tarmac. If the aircraft is close, you walk to the plane and go up the stairs and board. If not, you take a short bus ride out to the plane. Because both doors are open the plane loads fairly quickly. The flight out is on the same aircraft that lands at 7am, not sure how they can turn the aircraft around in such a short time. Will see how it goes tomorrow. Departure time is scheduled for 9:15am Ghana time.

This morning I woke up with the roosters songs all over the village, they usually start before 5am. I am in the back kitchen area with Ceci. I had her wonderful scrambled eggs with scallions and tomatoes. I am enjoying a cup of Nescafe coffee and a POLOH breakfast treat. Cecelia one of the compound Mom's makes them to sell at the school where her children attend, Trinity Academy. It is a combination of pie crust type dough with coconut and sugar - then she fries them. She shapes them like diamonds and they are the size of 1/2 a slice of bread. The kids from Mawuvio's that come to the Kissemah school, they buy them in the morning before Cecelia heads out. They are delicious - almost like a macaroon. I was happy to enjoy one this morning.

Yesterday I got lots of hugs when I left from the Ayikuma school, mainly from the girls. All of them said to send special greetings to Auntie Renee. At the close of school during the mini assembly they have, they all said a special Journey Mercy prayer for the angels to cover my flight and travels home. Kwame also asked them to pray for me so I live a long life healthy life so I can keep coming back.

I love the children and it's a joy for me to be able to spend time with them. As much as they make me crazy sometimes because their energy is ongoing - they fill my heart with joy and hope and they teach me about resilience every time. Regardless of their circumstances and some have had and continue to have very difficult lives when they go back home, they are happy and engaged when they are in school. And they appreciate the opportunity that MOP provides them.

Today Kwame and I have a few items to take care, I plan to spend most of the day with the pre-K and K students.

I don't know if I will get to post another update before I head out. It would be great if WIFI was available on international flights. I think its coming next year to most of the major carriers. I will post an update when I get home.

Thanks to all who support me, all who send messages, texts, emails. Having a connection to home is wonderful. I appreciate and love you all very much. And thanks to all the supporters of MOP overall, donors, sponsors, friends, foundations, your support makes the WIFI expense possible and for this I am grateful, grateful, grateful.

Greetings from Ghana ! ! !

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