Oct 5, 2015


I got home on Saturday at 11:30pm Atlanta time, 3:30am Ghana time. The trip home from wake in Ghana to sleep in Atlanta, 23.5 hours.  The flight out of Accra was 90 minutes late, this bumped me to a later connecting flight in New York.  I got home safe and that's all the matters.  

My travel experience ended with escorting a lady, EJ and her 2 month baby from the T gates at Harstfield all the way to the International Terminal. She flew from NYC to ATL to connect to an overnight flight to Legos, Nigeria. She was traveling with Tumi, her 2 month old son, a baby carriage, a car seat and three bags. Needless to say Delta refused to help her manage getting to her new gate.

I could see the anxiety on her face. I  got her all the way to gate F4 - 20 minutes before her flight was scheduled to board. The Delta agent said that she could only get help with the gate transfer if she has requested this in advance, when she booked her ticket.  HMMM ...... appears at Delta they don't manage or prepare for exceptions. 

The flight back during the day certainly is very different. I was not able to sleep, I watched Aloha, Max, all the TED Talks that were available and a few sitcoms in between. I sat amongst a group of 25 medical doctors and nurses who were in Ghana for 2 weeks doing surgery in a remote part of the country, two hours north of Accra.  Some of the updates they shared were amazing. A general surgeon from Kansas City told me 90% of his surgeries in the 10 days he operated were removing tumors. He said some patients had been waiting up to six months for the surgery. The group is all volunteers, the name of the organization I think was Building Strong Foundations. They operate mainly in West Africa and parts of India. 

Maddie and Morgan were happy to see me. They've been close to me since my arrival. Maddie as always inspecting the suitcase, smelling it, walking around it, I promised I would not travel for some time. 

My first few days, I'm trying to adjust sleep patterns. Last night I went to sleep at 7pm, woke up at 4am and will probably sleep again for a few hours this afternoon. I have to work my way into eating regular food, my routine has always been to have crisp toast, Frosted Mini wheats and coffee for a few days. 

I have to take the Malaria medication for 7 days post arrival. The last night I was in Ghana I was commenting to Ceci that I've never have gotten bit by mosquitoes and the morning I left when I has having the quiet coffee time with Ceci at 5am, I got bit on the back of my neck.  So far all is good.  

Yesterday I slept most of the day.  When I get tired a fog descends all around me. I'm groggy and anything that requires thinking or mental processing does not get done. It's the strangest feeling, especially when I am not used to being this way.  

I have a couple of things I have to complete today, laundry, bills, a few emails.