Oct 17, 2015


I am at the beach a few days, Panama City Beach in Florida. It is about 6 hours drive from Atlanta, I am visiting my dear friend, Debbie Hornbeak. She recently moved to the area from Atlanta.

I been to the beach everyday. To get to the water's edge I have to drive my car for about 7 minutes. I go to the intersection of Kelly Street and Front Beach Road and I access the beach via the public entrance # 92. It is about 100 steps to get to the water. Because the kids are back in school, the days at the beach are quiet, very few people are in the area. Today being Saturday I am sure there will be a few more people out and about. I will let you know.

For three days I've gone early, about 7am. It is one of my favorite all time activities: to sit at the edge of a calm, rolling sea and invite silence into every inch of my being. I love to listen to the water, the melody, the soft whispers of push and pull of the spectacular ocean.

Being on a beach with sugary white sands and crystal clear water makes the time at the beach so so special. The vast amount of beauty, fresh air and the season of saltiness coupled with the familiarity and comfort of solitude, I love every second I am there.

I often wonder if I could do this everyday, go to the beach by myself, early in the morning, would the significance of the moments become rote. I kept telling myself, I need to try this. I need to figure out a way to live close to the water, (and by close I mean, get in my car and drive or ride a bike) and have days and days and days and days of being at the water's edge grow on me.

Because part of me is a fish - I don't think I would ever lose the wonder and delight in my soul when I am in or near the ocean.

Yesterday we went on a 3 hour boat cruise to a place called SHELL ISLAND and it was a treat. The fresh air, the vast open vista of the sea, watching all the boats, ships, the birds. And then towards the end of the cruise, we saw DOLPHIN, 2 of them and they were big. It was awesome ! We actually saw two different pairs of dolphin. The first two were much smaller and grey and the 2nd pair where big - and they were white and grey. They came along side the boat and swam in the wake - it was seconds that they were up on the surface, they were majestic ! ! !

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