Sep 29, 2015

Tuesday September 29th ~ DAY 19

When I'm surrounded by all the children, 69 during the school day and 39 after school and during the evening (the boarding students) the days go by so very fast. Something is always happening, always.

Today I took a small break in the afternoon and spent time with a few of the younger students while they were having their quiet siesta time. It was great, I asked them to tell me a story and two of them, Dora and Lilian shared a tale about a King and his wife and his son, and all the travails of good and evil and good prevailing. All of them knew the story, Dora and Lilian were good story tellers. During part of the 30 minutes I was with them, I closed my eyes and they all started singing a song in Ewe, it was sweet. Their soft, young voices all in tune, they enjoyed themselves.

Today early, Grace Love, the nurse came for her weekly training session with the kids. The topic today, Proper Hand Washing - and she did a great job. The kids know the concept, they wash their hands daily, she explained the WHY, WHEN, HOW - and all of them learned something new. Grace is great at facilitating the discussion with the children, getting them all involved and with Grace they pay attention. She has a huge spirit and a huge smile and she commands an audience. The children love her.

Today I visited the house of one of the Ayikumah students, Precious Yattley. I met her Mom, Gloria and her younger siblings, I cant remember their names. Her Father drives a trotto (local transportation) and her MOM stays at home caring for the children. They live in a small compound, a cement house, the middle part of the compound, the courtyard is not cemented like at Ceci's in Kissemah. The cooking outside, the water fetched and the baths outside, shared by the compound families. Precious told me she really likes coming to school at MOP, it takes about 10 minutes for her to get to school walking. She joined MOP last year. She is a good student leader, she helps out with the younger Ayikumah children and she listens very well. You can tell by the light in her eyes, she is happy to be here and eager to learn.

I did a few videos, I took photos, I spent some time with Camirra and Jasmin the volunteers from US and Austria. Tomorrow I am doing more photos, I have to complete my admin updates - and I hope to observe all of the classes.

Last night I did WhatsApp and Viber calls - thanks to the internet. The sound, the video, everything. I was in the the school library and was so happy; sitting in a rural area of Ghana, I am connected to family and friends. I had a nice conversation with Tobias in California. The radio frequency technology works very well. And everyone at the school is happy.

Last night I went to sleep at 8:30pm, not sure how long I will last this evening. It is 7:27 and I am ready for sleep.

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