Sep 23, 2015

Tuesday - KIssemah ~ 7:23pm

I am typing this update in LIGHTS OFF conditions. The night is not so dark, the 1/2 moon is providing a silvery glow for the families to continue to be outside, cooking, eating and hanging out. The units are all cement with tin roofs, so it is hot if you don't have the comfort of a fan. Kwame is in Ayikuma this evening. so the compound is without the backup power of the generator. There is a tiny cool breeze making its way in the room from time to time. There is a screen door which I have open. When I go to sleep in about two hours, it will be a tiny bit hot, it is the way it is.

Today I was the KG2 teacher. In the class there is Clinton, Timothy, Gideon, Gabriel, Victoria and Sybil. Two of the children are very quick studies, smart, smart. The other four keep up but take a bit more repetition, more explanations to get or understand the lesson. Today we covered, English, Environmental Studies and Math. I had them take a break during mid-morning to ensure there was oxygen flowing to their brains. I had them focus on their breathing as they walked around the recess area of the compound. For the most part, they did well. This is the 2nd full week of school and they are settling in just fine.

As much as I love children, I could not be a full time teacher in the primary grades, 1, 2, 3. They all have significant amounts of energy and while they can focus and pay attention, there is always someone or something competing for their attention.

After school I worked on updating the overall enrollment roster and the incase of emergency contact list. Kwame and I met to review all the activities I will accomplish while back in Ayikumah. More photos and videos and thank you letters and review of all the school administrative records. Currently we are evaluating cloud based software that will manage and track all the school records, all of them, academic, demographic, parents, PTA meeting, all all records. Excel is great, but there is an opportunity to improve the record keeping and history of the students academic records.

We had LIGHS ON in Kissemah for 5 straight days. Ceci said the power will be out for at least 24 hours. I will keep posted. At the same time, the tap that has been running consistently for months, for the past two days we've not had water in the compound. Ceci has 4 or 5 huge barrels full of stored water, so she said we are OK for a few days. Right now it is only Ceci and I. She said she hopes the tap will run tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to go to the junction road to make some copies and to the bank. I will help Teacher Lawrenda with the KG2 class again for some few hours.

Mr. Adjanor, the father of Rueben and Randolph, the deaf brothers we had in school here at MOP for 4 years, came by to greet me today and to thank Kwame and MOP for the support to enroll the boys in KIBI School for the Deal. They boys have now joined their brother, Gabriel, KIBI is a boarding school, supported by contributions and organizations in Ghana and abroad that help people who are deaf. MOP is paying the tuition for both boys and helping with transportation expenses and some required items like school supplies and laundry supplies. The cost for the boys is being covered by a sponsor. Mr. Adjanor has always been a very involved parent. I met him the first time I came to Ghana in 2011 and I see him everytime I visit. The family has 8 children total, 3 who were born without the ability to hear.

I got an update on Maddie and Morgan, they are visiting their Grandma Mimi, Cindy's MOM in Dahlonega. Cindy says they are enjoying walks in the neighborhood, meeting other dogs, including a Corgi named Scout.

Not sure when I will get to post this update.

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