Sep 27, 2015

Sunday September 27th ~

Ghana Day 17 = Ayikuma

Today I am feeling the presence of my MOM and DAD so very much. At 5:50am I was helping Patricia Dormevenu with complaints of fever and pain on the left side of her chest. I took her temperature, it was 2.5 degrees above normal. I gave her the prescribed medications for fever and in 45 minutes her temp had gone down and in another hour it was back to 37.2 C - 37 is considered normal.

Soon after that Dennis Bankesia from Class 2 has continued to have stomach pains and vomiting. He can't keep any food down. And the Elijah Futri from Class 3 showed up in the library with swelling on his upper inner thigh on this right leg. I am not sure what is causing the swelling, his skin is not red or inflamed, something is going.

I took notes, documented all the information in the HEALTH LOG and then called Nurse Grace Love to review symptoms and remedies. She is close by and said she would come after church to check on the children, I was happy to hear that.

All the time I was helping the children I was thinking of my MOM - how many people she helped during her years as a surgical nurse. She was amazing. I remember when she would care for us at home, always practical, knowledgeable and always with love and reassurance that we would be well. I tried to model the same compassion and care.

With respect to my DAD - once I got the sick kids settled, I went outside to prune the jacaranda tree by the water tap. It is a place where the children and teachers gather on break as there is always shade. I was out there yesterday and one of the branches almost took my eye out. I was walking and not paying attention and walked right into a low hanging branch. I knew where the gardening shears are kept, so when the children were having breakfast I went out and cut the low hanging branches. My DAD would have also done this. There are many stories I heard over the years how he would tend to the rose garden at Barstow Hospital, he wanted things right. I did not want anyone else to get stuck in the eye with the low hanging branch, so I took care of it.

We had the word of GOD shared with the children by Sir Paul today. He did a life applications lessons from the story of David and Goliath. Sir Austine closed the service with reminders and refreshers of other recent sermons and tied them all together, for the children to learn and apply what is being shared with them.

I took the opportunity to speak to the children and share my observations of all the load carrier children at the DOME market last week, children that dont go to school, children that dont eat three meals a day, children that dont have running water, children that dont have the opportunities they are being given by being a part of Mawuvio's. The chlldren are aware of the load carriers and I think most of them understood the point I was trying to make.

Today they have siesta time, then lunch and then they will have study time and relax time in the afternoon. Dinner is at 6pm everyday.

I am looking forward to Grace Love coming, I am sure I will learn from her. She told me over the phone that the symptoms that Dennis and Patricia are having a pre-malaria symptoms.

I will write about yesterday later today. Hope all is well and thanks for the text messages and emails. I appreciate. The internet is working very well at the school, I am so happy that we found a reliable provider and technology in this rural setting.

Sorry for any typos and or crazy sentences, I am typing this fast.

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