Sep 1, 2015


For as long as I can remember, September has always been a month of reflection, a month were some days are extra long, some are slow motion, most are quiet and I like it that way. I am familiar with these days, I know they're  coming and I welcome them. 

I know in August. 

In my psyche I get hints and whispers of the month ahead.  In August I know the soldiers of reflection will visit, marching onto the calendar pages of my mind and be at attention throughout the month.  The days in September pressing against my heart and soul reminding me of the very short 45 years of my Mother's life.  


The calendar date of her birth, September 27th always a time for reflection, consideration, always a time to imagine and wonder what she would be like if she had lived past the 45th year of her life.  What would I be like, my siblings, our extended family ?  Half of me, is my Mother. 

I am wired this way: thinking, considering, reflecting, feeling the loss, holding onto the memories. During the month of September for 41 years, its been this way. 

September is also the month in 2010 when Anne Mahlum was admitted to intensive care in a hospital in Barcelona, Spain where she valiantly fought a life battle against ARDS. That September 5 years ago, everyday was extra long and in extra slow motion.  The honor and celebration of Anne's short life, is with me forever. 

During the months of September and most of October in 2010, everyday highlighted the bond and the love and connection that Anne had with her parents, her family, her friends and her co-workers. The army of love and support and prayers that crossed the Atlantic ocean everyday to reach her in Spain, a life lesson for many who knew and love Anne, including me. 

I think of Anne all the time. Certainly during the month of September the memories of all that was going on is close to my heart. October 25th will mark 5 years of her passing.  I love you Anne ! ! 


This September, in a few days, I head to Ghana to be with the children of Mawuvio's. I'm excited about the experiences and memories that will soon join the September reservoirs of my heart and soul.  I know for sure that the spirit and love of my Mother, JoAnn Catherine and of Anne Mahlum will be with me every step of the way.  I take them with me in my heart !