Sep 19, 2015

Saturday Morning ~ GHANA DAY 9

Saturday Morning

It is 6:39am and so much has happened already today.

At 5:30am someone was out behind the volunteer quarters brushing their teeth, imagine all the sounds. It's part of the Kissemah wake up morning sounds medley. The roosters were making their presence and positions known throughout the village. And somewhere in the distance music started playing. The other everyday morning sound, the ladies in the compound always sweep the front entrance area of their units every morning.

Flo arrived last night. He flew from Germany to Lisbon, Portugal and then from Portugal to Accra. He flew in on the Portugal airlines, TEP. He said it took him about 10 hours of flying time to get here. Because the volunteer quarters was cleaned and ready for me when I got here and we have a set of bunk beds in there, along with another bed, Flo and I were roommates last night. Kwame is taking him to Ayikumah today, the distance from Kissemah is 35 KM, so it is not far. It is always the traffic that creates the added time.

Kwame and Ceci and Flo will all attend some part of a funeral service today for one of the families in Kissemah. Funerals in Ghana are usually a 3 day ceremony, starting with the wake late Friday night, then some form of visitation at the house all day Saturday, then s church service on Sunday. While all of this is happening, there is food and drink for the people attending the funeral. Families have to plan and budget, usually there are relatives traveling from far away. So in this case the person who passed died 4 or 5 weeks ago and the funeral is this weekend.

Ceci made me coffee and her wonderful egg scramble today. She always adds fresh tomatoes and scallions and the eggs are fresh fresh. I am ready to take on the day. I am going to work on the supplies and uniforms for the children of K and pre-K in Kissemah. If the power continues throughout the day, I can work on the computer in the office, updating the overall roster for the school.

There was a fine mist coming down this morning, so the say is cool and overcast. I don't think it will be like this all day.

I plan to post daily, if I don't, it's because of the power.

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