Sep 10, 2015


I have about 90 minutes before we board the flight to ACCRA. I am excited, nervous, ready to see the children. I am traveling with 220+ lbs of supplies, all the things you can imagine. And YES the Delta Red Coat waived the fees at the airport in Atlanta. Thanks to Diane and Steve for their support in this Delta decision ! !

I am traveling with Belinda Williams and Dave Cox and Steve Bird. They are attending a conference in Accra with Pastor Samuel. I am also traveling with Kimberly and Keith Edmunds, my dear friends from Atlanta. Having company for the first week will be wonderful.

We have a full day ahead of us when we land in Accra tomorrow at 7:30am .
1_ Clear Customs, 2_ Go to the Mall to change $$ into Ghana Cedi's, 3_ Go to the Kissemah School to see Ceci and Teachers Abigail and Lawrenda, 4_ Meet with a representative of EDIFY, an organization that helps schools in developing countries, and then 5_ we will head out to Aiykumah to see the school and the children. I am so excited.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this trip possible, the love and support of my family, the love and support of Cindy, especially with the care of Maddie and Morgan. Beth Kempe from the Uniform Project and everyone who sponsors one of the children. Thanks so so so much. We should have internet service at the school on Monday, and I plan to send and post lost of photos and videos.

The flight from ATL to JFK was not without incident. A passenger had to be removed for the flight for many reasons, primarily, he was being absolutely crazy and uncooperative, so 2 Red Coats came on board and removed him from the flight, it was a tense few minutes, but all worked out and we were on our way to JFK. He happened to be sitting next to Kimberly, so I got a full update on all the details.

It is a rainy day in NYC. The flight leaves at 4:30pm, so we board in about 90 minutes. I have everything ready in my backpack so I can get a good nights sleep on the flight. Tylenol PM, a blanket, socks, a hoodie and some awesome earphones that Cindy let me borrow.

I sat next to a lady on the flight from ATL - Maria, she was traveling from Chile to ATL, to JFK to Barcelona. Her 19 year old son is on the Chilean National Soccer team and they are playing some matches in Barcelona. She was a very nice lady and I got to practice my Espanol.

I plan to post an update late Friday, once we arrive in Aiykumah.

Hope all is going well with everyone who reads the blog. Thanks for your love and support and send emails, I will respond next week for sure.

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