Sep 23, 2015

KIssemah, Wednesday 4:11pm


Sometimes things happen that even if I wrote a script about my visits to Ghana, they would not be included, I couldn't imagine them happening, but they do.

Today Lawrenda and I are teaching the classes on the porch, 15 students in KG1 and KG2 and Auntie Sarah, the lady who owns the beauty shop next to the compound comes running in yelling the goats are out, the goats are out. I was not sure what she was saying, Lawrenda understood exactly what she was saying.

We all ran to the front of the compound as Auntie Sarah was recounting that she and a few other people had to heard Kwame's goats back into the pen. The assumption one of the kids opened the door, did not latch it properly and the goats decided to have a afternoon stroll. By the time we went out to the front they were all accounted for and back in, but Auntie Sarah was still excited and upset.

I am not sure I would have been any good at goat herding. The kids of-course all got excited, we had to explain what happened, make a teaching moment from this. Inside my head I was thinking how can this happen and then I had to smile. I was glad the goats were OK, the children of course all had their suggestions on who and how it happened. After a few minutes we all settled down and went back to our lessons. I was teaching Math, I incorporated accounting for the goats as good reason for them to know their numbers and how to count and ADD. Today we were doing simply additions, 1+ 2 = 3 - simple, simple additions.

Yesterday the power that went out at 6:20pm came back on right at 10pm. And I was so so so very happy. After I wrote my post yesterday in the dark and got settled into my very still and quiet time in the volunteer quarters, the PATIO BAR next door, cranked on their generator to power their business and the sound was loud and loud and more loud. The noise drifted right over the compound wall, into the courtyard of the compound, into the volunteer quarters window. I am very sensitive to noise and for a few hours it was not good. At 10pm when the generator went off, I immediately got up turn on the fan and the outside light of the unit and went fast asleep.

I got the roster updates completed and copied at the junction road. I will add more information when I am at the Aiykuma location next week. I have photos of the kids from Kissemah, I will import some into my iPad and post later today or tomorrow.

I am headed back to the volunteer quarters to pack my stuff and get ready for the early trip out to Aiykuma tomorrow, The distance is about 38 KM - with light traffic it takes about 55 minutes to get there.

My apologies for any typos, errors, crazy sentences.

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