Sep 21, 2015

Kissemah Sunday - 7:20pm - Day Ten

I am typing this update in the volunteer quarters in the Kissemah compound. I had my village, "bucket" shower and am ready to cal it a day.

The family next door to the left of me was finishing their dinner outside. It's a Mom and Dad and 2 or 3 children. They were speaking Ewe, every once in a while I would hear the word Grandma - and there was another lady out there, so I think Grandma came for a visit.

Lots was going and around village today. A huge funeral took place on Saturday and the family of the deceased was still hosting visitors, friends and family at their home today. The family is a long time Kissemah family, Kwame knows them well. A few streets over from that activity there was a drumming circle, many people gathered to play the drums, dance and I am sure enjoy some adult beverages. And the house next door where they have the PATIO BAR almost 24 x 7, that space is always lively with customers.

I went to the Accra Mall with Teacher Lawrenda about 2pm. We took a taxi, it was 12 Ghana Cedi or $3 dollars to go about 5 miles. The mall was packed. We went to the pharmacy to get all the medications and supplies recommended Grace Love, the nurse. And they had everything on the list. We then went to the Game store to get some school and office supplies. I was looking for regular file folders, this is my 8th time in Ghana and they are nowhere to be found. I am not sure how filing systems work in Ghana. Perhaps they use envelopes, I am not sure. I brought some with me, I wanted to shore up the supply. Then we went to the grocery store, Shoprite to get supplies for Kamira, the volunteer that will be doing the science experiments. I got everything on the list with the exception of white vinegar. The shelf was empty and there was none in the stockroom. Tomorrow I am going to the DOME market to get the sewing supplies, Ceci said they should have vinegar there.

The pharmacy accepted credit cards, but the swipe machine wanted me to key in pin for my AMEX. I don't use a pin, so at the pharmacy I had to pay cash. At the Game store, they only accept cards with pins, I don't have any CC with pins, so I paid cash. At the grocery store the swipe machines take my CC and don't require a pin. All of them use different systems, all have different terminals, it's just the way it is. You always have to be ready to pay with cash. All of these are school expenses so Kwame will reimburse me before I head back.

We were back around 4pm. I had some wonderful, fresh, just ripe, pineapple for dinner. She also made some plantains. Doesn't sound like they would go together, but they did. Just the right amount, it was delicious. If I would have had a nice wedge of aged Manchego cheese, that would so good with the fresh plantains.

The only thing we did not find today besides the vinegar, sewing supplies. Lawrenda and I will go to the DOME market in the morning. It is one of the big outdoor markets close to Kissemah, probably 10 minutes by taxi. At DOME they have everything, it is an outdoor, vendor with stalls type market. Lots of people, lots of movement, smells, sounds, animals; I was there once long ago with Ceci. I will take some photos.

Time goes by fast. I look forward to working with the K and Pre-K children here on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then back to the Aiykuma school for the balance of my stay.

None of this would be possible without the support of friends in Austria, USA and Panama. Thanks to everyone who makes the education and well-being of the children possible. THANKS THANKS THANKS ~ ~ ~ !

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