Sep 19, 2015

KIssemah Saturday About 5pm

I've been in Kissemah since 1pm yesterday and the power is still LIGHTS ON as they say in Ghana. I am so happy. I've done emails, called a few people on iPad, posted updates. Not sure how long this will last.

I added the VIBER application to my iPad and phone and have used several times for text and voice and video calls and it works great. It works on all platforms and the user interface is easy to learn and get used to. Check it out, especially if you travel overseas.

Today I did some work in the office, sorted uniforms with Teacher Lawrenda for the kids in the K and pre-K program. I went shopping with Lawrenda, we walked to the junction road to the store, store. It is a new department store, MELCOM. They have most everything, no food products, all household type of good. They did not have much in the way of school or office supplies, tomorrow we are going to the Accra Mall.

I took a bit of a nap. It was wonderful. Tonight I am going to work on a writing project I brought along. The compound should be fairly quiet after all the MOM's prepare dinner. I hope to photograph most of the children on their way to church tomorrow. I miss Stefan. I hope he is doing well in Amsterdam.

Flo and Kwame headed to Ayikumah. I think Flo was excited to see the children and the school. This is his 4th visit to Ghana, volunteering with MOP. He is studying Civil Engineering in Munich, Germany. He said his hometown in Austria is 4 hours by train from Munich.

I spent about 20 minutes showing the Maddie and Morgan videos to Godsway the little boy in the compound, he is about 3 and 1/2. He speaks a bit more English now, he loved the videos. He learned the names of the girls and now he's just came back to the office, pointed at the iPad and said Maddie, Morgan. He has the most beautiful smile.

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