Sep 22, 2015

Kissemah Monday 7:10pm

It was nice to have Monday off from school. I was able to go to the Dome Market with Teacher Lawrenda to get all the sewing supplies for the Ayikuma School. There is a very nice sewing machine that came in the container from Austria, Camirra and Jasmin both know how to sew, they are going to manage hemming some of the girls skirts, adding buttons to uniform shirts and whatever else needs alteration or repair. One of the lady vendors at the Dome Market had everything, the thread, needles and seam ripper. I don't know anything about sewing, Lawrenda and the vendor ensured I got all the right stuff.

This was my second visit to the Dome market. The first time I went with Ceci. It is a good size market, because it was a holiday it was not too busy. It's amazing they have everything. Everything you can sell outdoors. If you want to know Ghana, go to a large market and you will see most everything used, consumed, worn, by the majority of the people of Ghana.

For me it is sensory overload, there is so much to see, smell, be aware of, just walking through the market can be a challenge, there are holes, bridges, alleyways, tiny pathways within the alleys. Some of the vendor areas are covered, some are under umbrellas, some out in the open. Depends on what you are buying. Tomatoes were certainly in season, I saw plenty of tomato vendors. The children, not all, but a majority will call out OBRUNI as I walk by. If I can make eye contact with the kids, I will wave, smile back. Some of the vendors did not want me to take any photos around them, some did not care and some wanted money for the photo. If you really want to photograph the market, you have to go just with that purpose and go with someone who knows Ghana and speaks one of the native languages. The Mokala Market is the biggest in Ghana, it is deep into the heart of the city of Accra. It goes on for blocks and blocks. I was there a few years back and could only take 3 hours. It went on a Saturday and it was people overload for sure.

I did some work in the office. Some of the compound kids came up and read books, played and asked to see the Maddie and Morgan on my iPad. That's when I took the photo of John, Pamela and Godsway. They are the children of Vida, she lives 1 door down on the left of the volunteer quarters. Her sister lives next door.

I got back to the compound about 1pm. Ceci had the pineapple ready. The Rasta Bar across the way was playing festival, gospel type music. It had a bit of a salsa type beat and I could her the local native instruments. It was pleasant for about an hour. At 6pm the Rasta Bar was still playing the same songs, it repeated over and over and over, I know this because whenever the Hallelujah song came on the ladies in the compound would join in and sing, and I heard them sing several times throughout the afternoon. The lady next door sings very well, so it's all good. For now the Rasta Bar is quiet.

Kwame was having the MOP car worked on today. He will go to Aiykuma tomorrow and come back and get me on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing the kids and being with the teachers and the volunteers.

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