Sep 13, 2015


We arrived at the school shortly after 9am, the children were in full evangelical worship mode, singing their hearts out, the joy in the school palpable. The spirit, the light in their eyes, the rhythm in their bodies, like a Broadway production. They are so happy to sing and dance and praise the Lord. All of the children were dressed in their Sunday best, we had several of the children from the Aiykumah village come over for service, and several of the teachers were there today. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

After lunch the children participated in their LEGO group learning activity, session 2 and it was great. One of the activities was for the children to imagine and create something that would solve a problem or make the world better. The teams came up with a 1) toy to help bring joy to the heart of children who were sad, 2) a green house to grow and provide for the environment and future generations, 3) a train to transport people and supplies where cars can't go, 4) a school for children who cannot afford to go to school, and last 5) a truck to provide transport and travel for people to distant and new places, and to also transport supplies. All of the groups had to pick a spokesperson who came up to the front of the room to make their presentation. It was very nice and the children did very well as groups or teams. The actual objects that were created out of Legos were very cool, I have a photo I will post.

After the afternoon activity we had a meeting with Kwame to review all the things you can imagine about running a school. It is alway nice to have quiet time with Kwame. We've come along way from the school on the porch, the dream has become a reality and the responsibility and accountability for the safety, well-being and education of the children is HUGE ! ! !

Kwame always expresses his sincere appreciation for all the support Mawuvio's has gotten from all the people in the US, Austria and Panama. We could not support the group of children we have at Mawuvio's if it was not for the generosity of many far and wide. Kwame's heart is filled with gratitude for the ongoing support. All of our hearts are filled with gratitude ! ! !

Being in Ghana is always interesting and there is always something that will challenge your patience, your flexibility, your ability to cope with the unexpected, the unplanned. Most everything happens on GMT, Ghana Maybe Time. And there is always always a social component to anything you do. Nothing in Ghana gets done without a proper greeting, some small conversation, a drink of water, finding a comfortable place to sit, protocol on how to maneuver the conversation, discussion, the ask. There is an art to all of this, I've observed and learned some over the years. This is my EIGHT visit, I find that after I get over the jet lag, I am comfortable in most settings. And the JOY I have in my heart because of the children, is something I will never be able to appropriately describe.

Tomorrow the internet service should be installed at the school. If all works as expected, we are going to have a party to celebrate. Most of the day we will spend observing the classrooms. Twenty new children from the Aiykumah village will be enrolled tomorrow, it will be nice to welcome them. I will work with Jasmin, the volunteer from Austria to ensure that they all get uniforms.

Thanks to all who are sending emails, I appreciate your love and support. And thanks to Cindy for my FACETIME with Maddie and Morgan. It was so good to see them via the iPAD.

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