Sep 17, 2015


Yesterday was a big day at the school. On Wednesday the area community nurse, Grace Love, visited the school and completed physicals on all the children and all the teachers. We found some issues, a few children tested positive for malaria, we had one senior girl with an ear infection, many issues were related to poor hygiene practices. She also treated several surface wounds, scrapes, etc. For the children who needed meds, she was able to fill prescriptions and bring the meds to the school today. We completed a medical folder for each class and Grace Love also keeps her own set of records on each child, more like a log book that she completes during every visit. Grace is a great nurse, full of life, she loves children and she knows her stuff.

With the help of the teachers and the volunteers I was able to update the school roster yesterday, with all the new day students from the village across the highway. I did all the totals for # of boys, girls, how many are day students, boarding students. I will go to Kissemah next week and complete the same information with the KG students we have there. The grand total is 80 children are being supported and educated by MOP. 67 in Aiykumah and 13 in Kissemah. Our classroom student/teacher ratio is limited to 15 and currently we are not there with any of the classes. The largest classes in Ayikumah are Primary Class 1 and 2 where we enrolled most of the new students. Yesterday was the last day of enrollment and all the children are settling in well.

Yesterday the EDIFY team came out to the school for a brief meeting and tour. It was great to see Ken Appenteng and his staff. We had a discussion with the EDIFY technology person and he gave us information on how he can help the school with any and all technology related support, like adding a walled garden computer lab. EDIFY has supported many schools in Africa, he provided lots of information, how the labs work, how they've been able to identify equipment that uses lower wattage of electricity and even solar power. And ofcourse, he had an iPad and had photos and videos of other schools of all the things he was describing to us. And the Edify support is FREE. Ofcourse MOP would pay for the equipment, and learning software. The advantage of working with EDIFY is that MOP does not have to reinvent the wheel. They've been helping schools in Africa for several years. EDIFY is an American based non-profit that helps schools in many countries all over the world.

Today after school, we are completing the sponsor letters. The letters will be taken back to Atlanta for mailing by Kimberly and Keith Edmunds. They are leaving early Saturday morning. Flo from Austria arrives from Austria on Friday, so we all get to finally meet FLO. He has been a long standing volunteer supporter of MOP. I think he has been in Ghana now 3 or 4 times volunteering at the school. The children love Sir Flo ! !

The internet at the school is awesome. So much better than the WIFI at the hotel.
I am posting this update from the school library. I am sure I am forgetting some details from yesterday, I was too tired to write the update from the hotel last night.

Currently Ghana is in their rainy season. It has only rained once since we've been here. The days have been overcast, so with the breeze in Ayikumah, it has not been too hot.
I will ck my weather app to see what the actual temperature has been trending. The current exchange rate is $1 US DOLLAR = 4 GHANA CEDIS. The rate has been fluctuating, the day we arrived the exchange rate was a bit lower. And 99% of any transactions we've done are always in cash, or Ghana Cedi's. Very few business have the ability to take credit cards.

Thanks to all who are sending emails ! It is always great to hear from you !

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