Sep 17, 2015


Today is one of those days, that no matter how difficult, how frustrating, how hot, how dusty, how complicated, how anything and everything can be in a 3rd world developing country, being with the children of the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme, makes any and all efforts worth being here. I love the kids. Some of them know that I love them. I know they know I care about each and everyone of them.

Today we did sponsor letters and some of the letters written by the children ripped right into my heart. Some of them truly know and care and appreciate that someone far away cares about them, that someone far away cares enough to invest funding to support their education, their health, their well being.

I wish I could package them all up and bring them over, OR I wish I had a professional camera crew following to record some of the special moments that can never be duplicated, replicated. Many of the moments are teaching moments for me, and many are teaching moments for the children. The lesson of LIFE is both ways. I learn from them each and everyday.

One of the students, Tafikat Lawla from Class 2, she was writing her sponsor letter to my 7th grade English teacher, Billie Lange. I explained to Tafikat that in 13 years, when I am 70 and she is 20 years old, I wanted to know that I would be her friend, like I am friends with my English teacher from many many years ago. We talked about this for a bit and I know she understood. I told her I was counting on us being friends for a long long time and I wanted her to know that I care and am interested in her and all the children today and for years to come.

Many of the children wrote how wonderful their teachers are and indeed we have a fine staff. The teachers, Francis, Austine, Vincent, Paul, Rose and Bernice, care and love the children and all of them are vested in the children learning. We also have 2 amazing volunteers, Jasmin from Austria and Kamira from the US, and Flo will be here soon. Everyone cares and everyone has the children's best interest at heart.

And today, just a few minutes ago, I talked to Ceci on the phone. I was confirming that I would be in Kissemah tomorrow afternoon and she said, I am expecting you and I will have some pineapple ready. You have no idea how happy I am to be going to the Kissemah compound. I probably won't have internet and the power will probably be out every day, but I can rest assured that Ceci will welcome me and make me feel right at home.

I look forward to spending time with Lawrenda and the PRE - K and K students, I call them the babies, they are all so young and most have not been in school before. I am going to photograph them, get their information for the overall master school roster and help Lawrenda for a few days. Teacher Abigail is not with us, it is possible that she will be moving, so we may have to hire a new teacher for the Kissemah program. Also am looking forward to seeing the kids that live in the compound. Per Ceci all the families that I am familiar with are still living there.

This week has gone by fast, fast, fast. And so much was accomplished. Kwame certainly does all the heavy lifting, all the day to day management, and there is always something going on. Once the kids settle into the routine, TERM 1 mid-terms will be here in no time.

Tomorrow Pastor Belinda Williams from Atlanta, GA will be coming to share the worship message. This is her 3rd visit to the school and the children love her. They are looking forward to Friday. She will be coming with two other US based pastors from the Atlanta area. The children love to sing and dance and they take their worship very seriously.

I am looking forward to Friday for many reasons. Hope everyone is well back home. I got an awesome video of Maddie and Morgan today. I got tears in my eyes watching those beautiful Corgi Girls !

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