Sep 14, 2015


Today's update will be short.

I am just back at the hotel, it is about 8:30pm. It was a wonderful day at the school, we enrolled 20 new day students from the nearby Aiykumah Village and met with their parents and/or caretakers. The children were excited, a few were scared. They we all outfitted with uniforms and assigned to their classes.

Today at the school at about 7pm we got internet service and it is fast and it works, and just as we were all using our devices to test and communicate, the power went out. Kwame immediately got the generator working and as soon as the router got the power source, everything was working great ! ! ! Thanks to Ghana 3DPlus for the service. Now there is a story about the installation, how it happened, when it happened, etc. I will share tomorrow.

We have to be at the school tomorrow early for the planned activities, I hope to post another update and pictures from there.

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