Sep 18, 2015


I made it to Kissemah today, at about 1pm. And like Ceci said, the pineapple was cut and waiting. I was so happy to have some. I am not sure how much longer the lights will be on. There is a huge rainstorm coming this way. I will write my detailed update in the room and come to the office later or post tomorrow.

I spent about 90 minutes on the porch with Teacher Lawrenda and the pre K ad K students. I certainly forget how much energy small children have. They are always moving, wiggling, checking on their classmate, looking around, doing something. Monday is a holiday in Ghana, Founders Day, so I will be with them all day Tuesday and Wednesday for sure.

All the same families live in the Kissemah compound. My little friend, Godsway recognized me and shook my hand. He is as cute as ever. I will take his photo while I am here, He is a bit taller.

Being here is familiar and comfortable, it will be nice to spend a few days in Kissemah. Flo from Austria is arriving tonight, I look forward to meeting him tomorrow.

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