Sep 19, 2015

Friday Nigh in Kissemah ~

I had my dinner with Ceci. Tonight I opted for oatmeal and fruit. I shared photos and videos via the iPad. Ceci always wants a Maddie and Morgan update. She always ask about family and how things are back home. I caught up on her family, the compound families, Stefan, her grandson, who now lives in the Netherlands with his Dad. Ceci is such an easy going person, she makes me feel right at home. I replaced the batteries in her "torch" light, the flashlight I gave her last time. I was back in the kitchen area until about 6pm and then I came and took a nap in the volunteer quarters. I am headed back there soon to take my outdoor bucket shower.

It is a cool night in Kissemah. I feel familiar in such an unfamiliar place. The MOM's in the compound were all out making dinner, children laughing, running, playing, crying, all around. The cadence of pots and pans being stirred, lids being put back on pots. It is the way of life, cooking, cleaning, washing all outside. Ceci did confirm that the tap has been running strong, so the buckets of saved water and the routine of managing saved water is not a daily requirement as it has been in years past. Most get their water from a source close to the compound and that source has been running consistently. Ceci was happy to report that.

It is now about 8pm and the lights are still on, so far, so good. Will keep you posted on how this goes as they days progress. If I don't post daily it is because the power is out.

This morning I was up early at the hotel in Dodowa, the travel day routine, I always want to be ready and prepared. Pastor Belinda got to the school early, so we had the worship service right at 9am. The children and teachers were happy to see her and Pastor Steve and Pastor Dave. The program wrapped up by 11am and we were headed to Kissemah by mid day. The children know I will be back to Aiykumah mid next week. At the toll road stop on the way back I was able to get plantain chips from one of the roadside vendors, it is my one and only Ghana snack. The chips were fresh, crunchy, salty and hhhhhhmmmmmm hmmmmmmm good.

I have a few things to get for the school. I should be able to walk to vendors in Kissemah village to secure. Lawrenda says there is a "store" store at the junction road, more like a department store, it will be interesting to see what they have. Monday I will also go to the GAME store at the Accra mall. The GAME store is just like a Walmart, they have everything.

There is a large banana tree on the other side of the wall that is behind the volunteer quarters. With the wind blowing I can hear the leaves swaying, it is a restful, peaceful, song. And beyond that I can hear faint music coming from somewhere in the village. The tune sounds familiar, but I am not good with song title or artists, so I am not sure what is playing. Soungs like Reggae.

I don't say this enough. To all the people, family, friends, co-workers, friends of friends, I appreciate all the help and support I've gotten throughout the years for children of the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme. I appreciate the sponsor contributions, the general contributions, the uniforms, the soccer t-shirts, the good wishes, the prayers. I appreciate Keith and Kimberly and all the support MOP has gotten from the Craft-Edmunds foundation. Cindy I appreciate so very much that you care for Maddie and Morgan every time I travel to Ghana. And that let me Facetime with them. All of you that write emails, thanks for keeping me connected to home. THANKS to Renee and Kwame for their love and commitment to the children, their education, their well-being and their futures.

Happy Friday wherever you are ! ! !

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