Sep 25, 2015

Friday - Ayikumah 3:30pm

it is Friday. I am tired. The day kids have gone home and the boarding kids are playing games, some are taking naps, they get to hang out for a few hours until dinner and then they have prep or homework time. On Fridays the get a bit of a break.

When I am around the MOP kids the days go by fast. Yesterday was a blur, Kwame and I made it to the school about 1pm or maybe it was 2pm. I got briefed on all the day to day activities. I have to fill in this weekend for Jasmin, the volunteer from Austria. She is managing all the meds that were prescribed by Grace Love, the community nurse. Jasmin went to Kissemah for the weekend, I did my first med dispensation after school closed. I have more to give out this evening. Everything is sorted and labeled and there is a card for each child, so it has been easy to manage.

It was very cool here last night. We had a major rain storm about 5pm. It was a heavy heavy downpour, the grounds around the school got soaked. We have a few puddles of standing water this morning. The rain cooled off the evening and I was able to sleep without the fan, except for the frogs. When they started singing, (( really it's a chorus, one main frog sings or calls them out and then all the other frogs answer,)) I put the fan on to silence the impromptu concert.

Today I was able to complete one of my administrative tasks, I made files for all the new children, and I confirmed we had files for all the existing students. And we did. I organized the student records a bit. Tomorrow I will update incase of emergency roster.

Grace Love will be coming by the school in the morning to check on the children. It will be nice to see her. Kwame and Flo and Jasmin all went to Kissemah today. Kwame's Aunt passed away in early August and the funeral is this weekend. I will be here this weekend with Teacher Francis and Teacher Austine and Vivian and Jennifer the ladies who manage the kitchen and cooking. I also have to distribute uniforms. So there is always something to keep me busy. I think the kids will also watch a movie tomorrow.

Because I am here for such a short time, I am sleeping in the school library. There is a big futon type couch that is comfortable. The school has running water in the showers and bathrooms, so I don't have to manage buckets of water for those activities.

Aiykumah is considered a rural area. At night it is very very dark and quiet. No radios, no Rasta Bar, no generators. Well our generator if we need to run power, but it is a big one and much quieter than what we had before.

I know this update is all over the place, I've had kids come in and ask for games and tell me what they are doing, it is like a big family here. They feel right at home. Everytime I ask if they miss their mothers, their homes, the answer is always a resounding NO !