Aug 28, 2015

The Crazy Drawer

Crazy Drawer 2015

Every home has one, or at least the homes I've visited. 

Some homes have two. 

Some three, an extra one in the garage. 

What does your crazy drawer say about you ? 

What treasures does the drawer harbor ? 

What is truly junk ? 

What are the treasures ? 

Are the items lost, forgotten, or just in the right place ? 

Is your crazy drawer in the kitchen ? 

Or the office, the family room ? 

If everything in your crazy drawer was thrown out, 
what would you miss ?

Can you close your eyes and identify three items in the drawer ? 

Does your crazy drawer have scissors, matchbooks, glue and coins ? 

How often do you visit the crazy drawer ? 

How often do you organize ? 

Do you call it the crazy drawer or the junk drawer ? 

Did you have a crazy drawer in your life when you were a kid ? 

Is your drawer small, medium or large ? 

Rectangle or Square ? 

Does your crazy drawer have a cousin masquerading in the cup holder of your car ? 

Do you know someone who doesn't have a crazy or junk drawer ? 

Really ? 

Crazy Drawer Rock 

My Crazy Drawer Contents:

Oddest Item: Rock from Contadora Island in Panama 

Most Collected Item: A tie between rubber bands and paper clips 

Fun Item: An Acrylic YoYo that lights up 

Most Frequently Used Item: Scissors 

Least Frequently Used Item: Pill Cutter 

Number of Take out Menus: 12 

Favorite Take out Menu: Thai Restaurant of Norcross 

Item that definitely belongs elsewhere: Tape Measure 

Item that will never ever be used: Fan pull from 1999 

# of Key Chains without keys:

Coins: Yes 

Happy Friday !