Aug 27, 2015


Sometimes I go way too fast and posts written on a rainy day, about a rainy day, stay in the draft folder of Verse In Progress. 

Even though today is hot and sunny, I am posting my thoughts on rain. 

What I love about the universe, always providing reminders, hints and invitations to slow down. Elena pay attention ! ! 

from Websters: 

rain: water that falls in drops from clouds in the sky........


We just finished having an "Atlanta thunder boomer" with determined, loud, shimmering curtains of silver rain. The pour was consistent, strong, happy drops dancing everywhere. 

The rain was welcomed by all, the birds, the plants, the creeks and river beds nearby, the frogs and every dry square inch of earth. It's been hot and dry in Atlanta, an unusual summer with little rain. 

I cannot imagine the drought conditions ongoing in many places of the world.  When there's rain in CA where Toby lives, I get photos of the beautiful clouds and the quenched fields and I celebrate with Toby from afar. 

I love rain. 

It reminds me of so many places, events, moments from my childhood, ah the rain in Panama superb. And in Ghana, the afternoon or midnight rain, a loud song, the percussion of drops on the tin roofs, everyone happy, making the mad dash for the round plastic vessels to collect and store.  

I love rain. 

I like the rehearsal of the wind and clouds before the sky decides to 
to shower the earth below. I like the colors of the moody skies, sometimes deep blues split in 2, sometimes fragmented a millions ways by lighting, sometimes the sky almost dark purple announcing the afternoon arrival of torrents of rain.  

I love rain. 

The sound, the chorus, the cadence of water meeting ground or the windshield, or the side of the house or the side of your face. AH ! ! ! 

I love rain. 

The smell immediately after the drops stop invading. The scent magnifying a cleanse, an awakening, a refreshment of mind, body, and the back patio. The scent of rain immediately after, a sweet balance, a tiny beginning, a familiar thirst quenched by the Mother of all, NATURE ! ! !