Aug 26, 2015

Getting Ready


I know I am getting closer to the actual travel date for Ghana when:

1_ Ghana entry visa renewal is complete, the original 5 year entry visa expired. Actually my US passport also expired, my new expiration date is now out to 2025. 

2_ I have most of the items for the school on the dinning room table ready for packing day. This time I have a First Aid Kit, an industrial type kit, it weights 9 lbs.  I am taking 2 flags for the school with the MOP logo, a school banner for the annual school photos, coloring books, teaching materials, dry erase markers and erasers for the white boards and several DVD movies. I am going to read the Dave McCullough book on The Wright Brothers, that will also be packed 

3_ Malaria medication prescription is filled, I start taking it 2 days before the travel date.

4_ In addition to the malaria medication, the most important item, the headlamp with fresh batteries. The is a must item to have due to power ration that continues in Ghana. The power is out everyday and you never know when it will be  cut or be LIGHTS OFF as the locals say. 

5_Uniforms from The Uniform Project in Atlanta are counted and sorted by size.

6_Supply of 10g protein instant oatmeal packets is purchased along with individual servings of peanut butter. 

7_I have several packages of flavored English teas for Ceci. 

8_ I know exactly what clothes I'm packing, that part is easy. Because I am going for 4 weeks, I am taking 2 towels, always shower slippers and a plastic water drinking bottle so I don't have to drink water from a bag all during my stay. 

9_ Recent photos and videos of Maddie and Morgan have to be on the iPad, the children love to see recent photos of the girls. 

10_ Phone numbers I may need while in Ghana. I have the list on paper incase I can't get to my contacts on iPad or phone. Family, Friends, US Embassy, Credit Cards & Delta.