Aug 25, 2015


Friendships are powerful, fun, comfortable, interesting; an electrical current in the construction of life. 

Nestled in friendships is a capacity for life that marathons itself through the years shared, recognized, supported and celebrated. Connections made with heart and mind and soul, wattage that endures distance and time.

In lasting friendships differences become bridges to considerations, discussions are just that, discussions, points of view shared and entertained. In lasting friendships similarities add to the foundation that over the years does not wither or wane. 

There are so many things about life friendships that I enjoy and appreciate.  This past weekend I was in the company of two dear friends. Liz Moneymaker who I met in Atlanta 15 years ago, and Cindy Calloway, who I’ve known since 7th grade.  Seventh grade as 44 years ago, in our homeroom at Pitcher Junior High School with Miss Young, our awesome English teacher.

Liz and Cindy and I are different in so many ways, yet we have a lasting life friendship.  On Sunday there we were having a wonderful brunch discussing the possibilities of a travel adventure to Cuba.  As we were enjoying the Mimosas at Station 400 in the Rosemary neighborhood of Sarasota, I had mental flashback to high school and all the activities Cindy and I were involved in including a right of passage: Drivers Ed!

The drivers education group consisted of Cindy Calloway, Pat Jimenez, Debbie Valdez and myself.  We had classroom time with simulators and then time in the actual car driving on the streets of Barstow, California and Interstate 15, the highway that traverses the high desert all the way from Los Angeles in California to Las Vegas in Nevada.  The hours in the car with Mr. Lightner, memories I will never forget. Let’s just say that some in the group had issues with parallel parking and everyone in the car, a dear friend today.

What I love most about life friendships, the immediacy of the connection when friends get together. I’d not seen Liz or Cindy for a couple of years and being with them this weekend, the comfort and recognition of the bond, the history, what we know about each other, our families, our lives, it was all present.  It’s like getting the seat at the front row of your friendship every time, there’s never a question or a manufactured doubt because of distance or time. 

It’s an interesting social experience, no hesitation, never a can I ?  
Should I? What will they think ? What do they remember? 

You engage as if the yesterday’s of your time together were literally the calendar day before.

Certainly this does not happen with all friends, so perhaps this is the distinction: the ability for the friendship TO BE on day 1000 as it began on day 1. The ability and capacity for the friendship TO BE regardless of time passed, without need for practice or artificial norms.  

It’s wonderful and heartfelt to have the experience of life friendships; neurons reconnecting and creating emotions appreciated, emotions that are reassuring: certainty, comfort, compassion, patience, truth, love and the common bond of life shared. I am blessed with dear friends. 

With them I've learned so much over the years, I've traveled, explored, worked side by side, matured, cried, laughed and prayed. I've been happy, scared, frustrated, encouraged and inspired with and by dear friends.  I've been entertained, sometimes I've been the entertainment. I've shared memorable meals and many life experiences. I am thankful and I am blessed. 

The friendships are reservoirs, fountains of endless light, energy, recognition, and affirmation of life and wonderful memories. 

Many memories like this past weekend: the 7th grade, the 1977 John F. Kennedy Spartans, the excursion to the Embera Indians village in Panama and the top of Machu Picchu in Peru. 

And the new memories enjoying Watermelon, Cucumber Mimosas on a beautiful Sunday in Sarasota.

Cheers to Friendships