Jul 8, 2015

Time Zones, Raffles and a Ford Truck

It happened in February and it's happening now. 

I am not able to easily settle into the day and night rhythm of the Eastern Time Zone. After being home for a week plus, I am still wide awake at 1:30am and sleeping way past 8:00am in the morning.  

Maddie and Morgan are as confused as I am. When I got home from Ghana in February it took me two weeks to get back to my wake and sleep schedule, that trip was 21 days. My visit in Arizona was 10, will see how long it takes. I am sure there are ways to manage the time zone adjustment and transition, I will research. 

Yesterday when I finally got around to opening the mail, mostly bills, I was surprised to see return address information from Vantage Cruises and The National Cremation Society.  When I opened the mail from both, I had notices from the companies regarding participation in free raffles. 

One raffle would get me a free cruise for 2, worth $10,000 and the other raffle if I won, would get me a Free Cremation.  Go figure ! ! What are the chances of ending up on a mailing list for these two companies at the same time.  I did not enter either raffle, both required a working email address to qualify, I smiled inside my head and heart as shredded both of the entry forms. 

I did enter the 2015 HGTV raffle for the Austin, Texas Home Sweepstakes. The winner was going to be announced in early July. Since I haven't gotten any calls or emails from HGTV, my assumption I did not win.  I can try next year. 

The only raffle I ever won, when I was working at Daniels Cablevision in Carlsbad, CA, right after I graduated from college in the early 80's.  Daniels Cablevision purchased Rancho La Costa Cable and as part of the acquisition, Daniels took ownership of everything RLC owned.  

In the company parking lot of Rancho La Costa Cable sat an old old old beat up vintage FORD pick up truck, a 1950's model, I don't remember the year.  The truck worked, but it was old and in need of some TLC. The truck was raffled amongst all the employees and my ticket was drawn.  

I took title of the truck and a week later sold it to a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, for a few hundred bucks.  The truck looked very much like the one in the picture below.