Jul 16, 2015

My Friend Stefan !


The picture above is from my MAC desktop at home, Stefan is sitting at his desk at his home in the Netherlands, we were on SKYPE for his birthday.  

When I met him in 2011, he was living in Kissemah with his Grandma Ceci, and his Uncle's Ben and Kwame. Stefan was 10 years old.

Today he is living in the Netherlands, in one of the most awesome cities in the world, Amsterdam, with his Father, David, Kwame and Ben's older brother. He is now 14 years old. 

Stefan has been there since early January, about 7 months   

Imagine he left Ghana in the heat of the summer, traveled via a shiny blue KLM 757 aircraft. It was his first time on an airplane and he was traveling as an unaccompanied minor.  When he landed in Amsterdam he was in a world completely different from anything he'd ever known. Different city, language, weather, food, people, housing, customs, currency, nothing close to his Kissemah Village life.  

I was in Ghana in January and February and was with Ceci several times when she called him and I remember he was not happy with the very very cold as he would describe.  

Now its summer, he is on vacation from school and he has quickly learned the local Dutch language and is doing quite well. I talk to him on SKYPE or via WhatsAPP on my phone and he is always smiling, happy to be there and does not seem to be missing Kissemah. 

Stefan was always around when I was in Kissemah. The last two times I was there we always had dinner together in the back of the house in Ceci's kitchen. 

We had many wonderful conversations and discussions: life, God, dogs, hamburgers, computers, cameras, games, movies, scuba, horse racing, surfing, how the hot water heater worked in my house in Atlanta, card games, basketball, soccer, music, The Black Stars,  - he is very curious and I always enjoyed sharing ideas and information with him. 

I love that SKYPE makes it so easy to stay in touch.  Happy Birthday Stefan ! ! 

Stefan in 2012