Jul 21, 2015

JoAnn Catherine Arosemena Navarro

JoAnn Catherine Arosemena Navarro 

In December of 1992, I met you. You were tiny, petite. When you were awake, you were wide awake, your eyes taking in, observing, learning, contemplating this great new world you were now a part of.  
You were born in Panama City, Panama. July 21st, 1992.  

I met you during a holiday visit to Panama and I fell in love with you immediately. Even though Yvette, your nanny, took great care of you, I spent wonderful, sweet and life endearing moments rocking you, helping you with your bottle and watching you nap. 

My favorites, all the videos I recorded of you waking from your mid-morning and mid-afternoon naps. You never woke up fast, you movements were slow, you would roll in your crib, as if considering a few more minutes of sleep. And when you decided to finally wake, you were always observing, taking in everything in your surroundings, the breeze in your room, the birds singing across the street in Parque Urraca, the noise of the Panama Chivas. 

My other favorite times with you, your baths in the big tub in the laundry area of your parents home in Panama. You loved the water and making bubbles.  And Yvette always made sure you had fun, splashing and cooling off ! 


JoAnn, today you celebrate your 23rd Birthday ! ! !  I continue to cherish and enjoy all the times we have together.  Grandpa Rogelio and Grandma JoAnn are watching over you from the heavens, wishing you a wonderful birthday. 


I love you dearly, 

Tia Elena 

JoAnn & Tia Elena 

Panama City, Torre La Cresta - Little Roger & JoAnn 

Grandma JoAnn's portrait in the background left 

Brooklyn, New York, April 2015