Jul 5, 2015


Yesterday we were celebrating the 4th of July in the US with fireworks and BBQ's. 

In Panama, my nephews, Juan Carlos and Rogelio 4, were "Caballeros" at the annual Debutantes event held every July at the Union Club in Panama City. 

Each young lady participating in the debutants gala, has a gentleman escort, and a little girl; they all participate during the evening, there is the debut of each girl, then all of them dance together, then the pairs dance and the little girls carry the flowers for each debutant. 

It's a long evening of pomp and more pomp, lots of proud parents, grandparents and family friends. All the proceeds from the event are donated to charitable causes by the group that has sponsored the event for 50+ years, Las Damas Guadalupanas. 

Rogelio and Juan Carlos are both seniors this year, both graduate at the end of this year.  

Juan Carlos 

Rogelio Augusto