Jun 17, 2015

Wind & Breeze

Atlanta Forecast for later this afternoon 

Heat, humidity and sunshine.  Today when Maddie is ready for pool time it will be 96*.  As some people say…. Atlanta will be HOT & STICKTY, HOT and STICKY. 

Maddie enjoying her pool 

I am very careful with the girls. I make sure they always have a fresh supply of water.  In the afternoon a few times a week they get ice cubes and today I will adjust pool time from mid day to after 4pm. Yesterday we had pool time around 2:30pm, I even enjoyed a few minutes cooling off my feet in Maddie’s new pool. 

This past February when I returned from Ghana and we had a few snow days I remember longing for and imaging the hot and humid Atlanta summer. When I read my journals a few weeks back, I made notes in some of my entries regarding the temperatures we had in the summer in Barstow, CA. Most days well over 100* .  At both of the houses we lived in Barstow, we had a pool and it was wonderful.

One of my favorite hot and humid temperature memories, sitting with the Mawuvio’s Primary Class 1 in Kissemah on the porch of Ceci’s home in October, November and December of 2013.  The usual temperatures during those months in Ghana, high 80*, low 90*s with humidity and always a bright, bright, sun. The close to the equator kind of hot sun.   Primary Class 1 shared the cement porch with the KG1 and KG2 class, taught by Teacher Lawrenda.

Most days when we’d finished the morning school schedule and were waiting for the lunches to be served, I would ask the children to sit as still as possible and be as quiet as possible. This posture our collectively invitation for the breeze to join us on the porch.   And we weren't picky, we would welcome any semblance of the breeze on the porch: a whiff, a whisper, waves. 

Top Row:
Victor, Joyline, Grace Mary, Prince, Abil, Shalome

Bottom Row:
Akos, Florence, Godsway, Elijah, Angela, Lilian 

And always, always the leaves on the mango tree would move proving the wind was there, accepting our invitation. Sometimes when a persistent breeze would visit the porch the children would smile big, some would giggle and I in my head and heart I was always thinking, Thank You God ~ ! !  

I was so happy to get a tiny bit of breeze and actually cool off. I was happy the children were still and I was most happy that they were quiet.  They were a challenge sometimes ! And somewhere in my head I would recall the lines in a poem I wrote a few years back, 

                                        Wind is the play of God,
Breeze is the attempt of angels.

I miss the children in Ghana and I am thankful that on warm days, very warm days like today, memories of their bright faces and their limitless energy, fill my heart with joy.  

October 2013 - On the patio of Ceci's Home