Jun 14, 2015

Surprise on Sunday Morning !


I knew it was going to be warm today. I got up at my usual time with the girls, Maddie Louise and Morgan Sofia around 6:15am.  

I decided to go for a walk at Brook Run Park before the day got too warm. Other people had the same idea, I walked the mostly shaded trails with 15 or 20 others, some with dogs, no babies today and a few families on bicycles. 

At the end of the walk I passed the LittleFreeLibrary stand and was pleasantly surprised. Last time I checked the books, they were all children's titles. Today the free collection was all grown up books and great authors. Somebody that likes books and likes to read excellent contemporary authors must of cleared their night table or a stack of books on their dinning room table.  Several of the books were almost new and hardbacks. 

The authors included Pat Conroy, C.S. Lewis, Tim Russert, John Irving, Philip Roth, Michael Ondaantje and more !  It was a Sunday jackpot. I was actually in search of a book or two to take with me to Arizona when I visit my friend Marilyn in a few days.  I selected the book by C.S. Lewis. 

As soon as I got home I got my books ready to drop off at Brook Run park when I am out and about tomorrow.  I will share The Portrait by Iain Pears, The Club Dumas any Arturo Perez Reverte and Younger Next Year by Crowley and Lodge. 

I had forgotten that the LittleFreeLibrary was available at the park. How wonderful this idea of public trust, free access to books, you take one, you bring one back, a tiny reminder goodness ! !  

And yes there is a wonderful story of how the LittleFreeLibrary got started in 2009. A story I was not aware of until today. 

Take 5 minutes and access the link below and be amazed and delighted at the exponential power of one person, one idea, one action. 

One LittleFreeLibrary set up in 2009 to honor "a Mother and a teacher" is now over 25,000 all over the world.