Jun 23, 2015

My Friend Marilyn

I am back in Arizona visiting my friend, Marilyn Sward. Marilyn is my Mom's dear friend, they were roommates in Rochester, MN, when my MOM was a nurse at St. Mary's and Marilyn was a Physical Therapist, both working with the Mayo Clinic.

I am back to help Marilyn with some projects around her house, things I love to do, organize, organize, organize. Her house is so much fun. Marilyn has many many many things that are originals and still working dating back to 1991 when she first moved in this house. Anyone that loves a "flash from the past" would enjoy being here.

And always there are the daily errands: post office, groceries, medical appointments. Yesterday we took Mindy, her Cocker Spaniel for her annual check up. The vet is a country doctor, he mainly treats large animals, horses and cows, it was interesting to take Mindy out to his home office. He's been Mindy's vet since she was a puppy, she is now 11 years old. She had a great check up, the worse part, Mindy did not like the car ride.

And Marilyn has many friends in the small city she lives in, so we always have lunch or dinner plans, well not always, but almost every other day. Saturday we have dinner plans with her friends Beth and JoAnn. Beth makes the best carrot cake in the world !!!! I had the cup cake versions of her amazing recipe last time I was here. I am looking forward to Saturday. I am not sure what's my all time favorite dessert, carrot cake or pecan pie.

What I love most about being here is the same as with most other trips or travel adventures. When I travel and am away from home, from my routine, my day to day familiar, I learn. I get to experience life via a different set of lenses. I get to appreciate what is universal and good about people, the considerations for how others live, how others think, how others manage the common element we all share..... LIFE.

Being with Marilyn is a unique and wonderful experience. She will be 88 in July and she's truly amazing. She does everything, drives, pumps her own gas, shops for her groceries, does her laundry, pays her bills, visits friends, helps many Veterans organizations.

She calls her dear friend, Robbie, who is 90+ and lives in Iowa every day around 6pm, every day. She reads the paper, she watches Fox news and keeps up with all the day to day events going on in the US and the world at large. I know because she discusses many of these on the phone when she calls her friend in the evening. Marilyn even joined the solar power revolution, she had a system installed about a year ago and daily she tracks how much electricity she is producing and selling back to the power company. And yes she tracks this by logging onto her laptop computer - amazing ! ! ! !

Marilyn loves her dog, Mindy. That is quiet a relationship, Mindy does not let Marilyn out of her sight. I think Mindy is Marilyn's 4th Cocker. I remember Missy, and prior to that there was Muffin and her first Cocker was Sugar.

When Marilyn goes out we move slow, she tells people she only has one speed, but she gets to where she is going. I know my MOM Is smiling from Heaven ! I know why they were dear friends, both motivated, both sure of themselves, both involved in professions they loved, taking care of people, both from rural areas of IOWA, both wonderful, wonderful people !

Marilyn is a wonderful citizen of the universe ! I am so glad to be here for a few days.

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