Jun 9, 2015

Mexican Street Corn

I normally don't write about food.  

But it's summer and corn is 10 for $10 at the Buford Farmer's Market, both white and yellow corn. The kind where you have to peel the husk.

I had this particular corn recipe at my sister's house in Florida before Ana and Parker went on their trip a few weeks ago. Parker grilled the corn to perfection and Ana dressed it and I was a happy camper.  The Mexican Street corn is AWESOME ! 

If you like grilled corn, fresh lime juice, pepper, olive oil, Cotija Mexican Crumbling Cheese, fresh cilantro, a tiny bit of mayonnaise, fresh garlic and Sriracha Sauce, then this recipe is for you. 

Do whatever you do to normally get the corn out of the musk and cleaned, ready to go.  Squeeze fresh lime juice on the corn and lightly brush with olive oil. Let it sit at bit so it is room temperature ready for grilling. 

When the corn comes of the grill it gets painted it with the mayo and sriracha secret sauce. To make the sauce, mix the mayo and sriracha until the mayo is pink in color, if you want it spicier then add sauce until it darkens and is more orange than pink. Add fresh garlic and black pepper.  

Take a brush and lightly paint the corn with the secret sauce, then roll the corn in the freshly grated Cotija Cheese. The last step sprinkle with fresh cilantro ! ! And you are ready to go ! ! ! 

My apologies that the photo below is not the best. I guarantee that if you like all the ingredients included above, you will love this grilled Mexican Street Corn.  And it is so easy and fun to make. 

Dressed and ready to step out on the street 

If you are having guest and want to be fancy, here is an idea for how to serve.