Jun 2, 2015

Breaking Silence

“The impulse to create begins — often terribly and fearfully — in a tunnel of silence. Every real poem is the breaking of an existing silence.”

~  Adrienne Rich ~ 

Breaking Silence 

There, there, look, there it is

the waves, the essence, 
the communion 
I sit 
I listen

I sit silent

I listen 
with consideration

Fear shows up, 
it tip toes quietly 
a new born cricket 
in a spring garden
the delight 
meant to be deceitful 


rumors of the mind, 
(the inferior frontal gyrus) 

there's a door 
and a window 
the word G R A C E 
written, scattered 
the thin panes red 
stained with acrylic 
the attempt 
a failure with flair 
country roads 
with New York graffiti

I sit 

Hope shows up 
void of an invitation
no tip toes required, 
it takes a seat 
a boulder 
that will never shatter 
the weight of this visitor
2 million 
three hundred thousand, 
nine hundred and 27
single feathers 
silver and red 
some with hints 
of forgotten orange 

I sit 

Recognizing my part 

in this tenable union 
the bulky nuptials, 
             a fearful bride 
                  a hopeful groom

I am a guest. 


I sit 
in the 14th pew 

As they exit 
the chapels
of my mind
in the distance 
carillons are heard 
breaking silence 

The suggestive cadence
a solemn march
the footsteps of soldiers
a brigade in defense
of the imagination. 

By Elena Arosemena