May 29, 2015

The Words


Where are the words

          the sentences

          the road signs that will lead

          to the written highway

What exit do I take

         that will lead me with credence

         to the fleshy rounded organ

         that beats, beats, beats

Where are the words that describe with colors

        the deep accuracy of anguish

        the truths of purple despair

       the yellow of her death

Where are the words

       that will dress the naked pages

       and convey with reliance

       the shelves of my mind, the knife of those days

Those days when the fear was so great

       I lived moments, days and conversations 

                 protecting fragments of me 

      and the blue lake in her Iowa eyes

The words, each vowel, the cousin consonants 

       they will visit

       they will be prompt

        they wil be welcomed 

by E. Arosemena